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They Are the Most Romantic Women of the Zodiac, With Them You Will Live an Intense Love

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According to astrologers, some women of the Zodiac are particularly romantic. These women put love first and you will experience a very intense feeling with them.

Meeting a romantic person is increasingly difficult and yet according to astrologers, you could multiply your chances of doing so by choosing a woman who belongs to one of the signs we are about to reveal to you. A romantic woman is a woman who attaches particular importance to love and who will do anything to add a touch of pink to your days. With a romantic woman, there will be attending and surprises every day, and certainly able to make you feel at the center of her world.

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Being romantic is increasingly difficult also because in the course of our lives we collect sentimental disappointments that also lead us to be afraid to show our feelings for fear of being hurt. This is not the case for romantic women who despite everything continue to put love first without conditions. Who will be the most romantic woman of the zodiac?

They are the most romantic women of the Zodiac

Next to a romantic woman, your luck in love will multiply. You won’t have to fear a cold life without warmth because with the women in today’s ranking your life as a couple will undoubtedly be full of love.

Here are the most romantic women of the Zodiac:


Pisces women are great dreamers, they also dream of love and compare it to that of fairy tales. A Pisces woman awaits her Prince Charming and once she finds him she will want to make her happily ever after with him. In their minds, they live in a world filled with love and romance and it’s impossible not to get caught up in their enthusiasm.

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Leo women are very passionate women. In addition to showering their partner with attention, they love to show the whole world how much they love their other half. They are always present, affectionate, and romantic women,   sometimes even too saccharine and they never realize they are exaggerating.

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Libra women are extremely romantic. Their world is all painted pink and much of their happiness can be amputated to the progress of their married life. This sign who loves peace and quiet desires a rosy and prosperous life as a couple.

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Women born under the sign of Scorpio are mysterious women who don’t totally reveal who they are and at the same time totally change when they fall in love. They grant their partner trust and boundless love. These women are emotionally sensitive when they find the right partner, and a healthy and irrepressible romance explodes.

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The Cancer woman is an extremely sensitive woman, quite possibly the most sensitive of all Zodiac women. This is why next to a Cancer woman you will never feel like you have any emotional shortcomings. Warm and affectionate gestures will never be enough and this woman is always sweet and helpful toward her partner.

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The Taurus woman appears strong and confident. In reality, this shield hides a big and tender heart and what she wants most in the world when she falls in love with her is to make her partner emotionally happy and make him feel in the right place. The Taurus woman aspires to a serious relationship and for this reason, she only lets herself go when she is sure she has met the right person.

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And the other women of the zodiac, how are they in love?

Want to know how romantic all the other zodiac women are? Below we list the signs that remain from the most romantic to the least romantic and how they relate to this feeling:


The Aries woman is not a particularly romantic woman. This sign is very much about his and her needs and hardly put anyone else first.  She does nothing to please her partner, in the couple, she wants to feel free and carefree.

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Virgo women are romantic but not always and not too much. More than giving they love to receive and more than paying attention they would like to feel at the center of someone’s attention. Let’s just say that the Virgo woman rarely goes out of her way to melt her partner’s heart.

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The Capricorn woman is a very joyful woman and her schedule is full of work commitments. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Capricorn is the hardest-working sign, which is why she is unable to devote much time to her partner. Capricorn is not the type for fuss and saccharine demonstrations, a hug, and a few kisses are more than enough for him to show his partner all his love for him.

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The Sagittarius woman is very positive, very energetic, and loves adventures and novelties. This is a woman who hardly feels comfortable in a cocoon, she needs to get out and have fun and experience new things all the time. Sometimes they even find the time to create a romantic atmosphere but it is very difficult for them to give up the name of love to their nature.

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Even for the Gemini woman, romance isn’t really her forte. In reality, this sign fears love a lot and therefore does not allow this feeling to get the upper hand or at least tries to.

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This ranking ends with the sign of the least romantic woman of the entire zodiac. The Aquarius woman experiences love in her own way which is often not in line with the traditional concept of romance. Don’t be surprised if the ultimate romance for an Aquarius woman is an intellectually stimulating conversation. The Aquarius woman can’t stand fusions in public and excessive romanticism, with her one should accept that love is experienced and demonstrated in many different ways.

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