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Today astrologers reveal to us what are the signs that, even if they do not show it, have a marked sensitivity.

Astrology could be useful in understanding the personality of the people in front of us. At times we could be too impetuous or too direct and therefore hurt the sensitivity of people with a heightened emotionality. The stars today reveal to us with which signs to pay particular attention and with which to use moderate words in order not to hurt them.

Astrology is not only a prediction of the future but it is also a means by which to better understand someone’s personality. According to astrologers, in fact, our date of birth could reveal a lot of information about our behavior within society. Today we will talk about sensitivity and how some signs react when it is hit. In particular, there are two natives of the Zodiac who have a very accentuated sensitivity.

 Here are the hypersensitive signs of the whole zodiac

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Being a hypersensitive person means having a disproportionate reaction to criticism, words or attitudes. Hypersensitive people have a hard time mastering their emotions and talking about how they feel. Keeping all these emotions inside promotes a state of agitation. For hypersensitive people, sometimes it takes little to collapse, for example, a smell could trigger a memory and be enough to make him cry. Let’s say that these signs feel perpetually on the edge of a precipice, an emotional precipice, into which they could fall since they cannot self-govern and this represents an ordeal for them.

Hypersensitive signs are those who need support, presence, and comfort more than others and should never be laughed at for their reactions and exaggerated.


Among the most sensitive signs of the Zodiac is Scorpio. It is no coincidence that we know this sign as a mysterious sign. You will have noticed that Scorpio does not like to talk about himself but is very careful in trying to study and understand the personality of the people around himHe is afraid of suffering disappointment, and deceit, and discovering that others hide their real way of being and their real intentions. Scorpio is always on the who goes there, always suspicious and this makes him particularly susceptible so much so that his mood could change at any moment.

Scorpio is not bipolar, it’s just that he constantly fights against himself and what he feels so that he doesn’t leak and sometimes collapses. When Scorpio ends up blindly trusting someone and appreciating or falling in love with them, they bring out a different, beautiful, confident, passionate, and romantic identity. He brings out the wonderful side of being in him.

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The second place in the ranking of the most sensitive signs belongs to Taurus. The Taurus has horns not surprisingly, in the sense that he has a very strong and very stubborn personality. It is difficult for Taurus not to have the last word even if he knows he is wrong. This sort of presumption obviously annoys the people around him and is sometimes the cause of why others turn away from him. In reality, this attitude is a barrier that Taurus uses to protect themselves from disappointment and nastiness. Through this attitude the Taurus tests who he is in front of and only those who are really interested in him and who really love him learn to overlook his character and appreciate his exacerbated sensitivity.

When a Taurus decides to open up to someone, he becomes an extremely friendly, accomplice and sweet person, a golden friend and partner. When a Taurus falls in love and chooses a partner, he usually chooses him for a long-term life plan. The bull just needs to be properly prodded to bring out all the beauty that is contained in his soul.

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