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These Zodiacs Will Always Love Their Dog More Than You

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Aries aren’t comfortable expressing their emotions around most people. But around dogs? That’s when they can be themselves. They can tell their dog absolutely anything and won’t be judged. They can cry in front of their dog rant about problems and cuddle at any time of day. No emotion is off-limits. That’s why they’ll always love their pet more than you.

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Taurus cannot stand how unpredictable most people are. They want loyalty and consistently — and that’s something that their dog always brings to the table. They never have to wonder where they stand with their pet because the love is obvious. The affection is consconsistencyill always love their dog more than you because their dog will never leave their side. They will always be a team. Always.

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Cancers are affectionate. They love to take care of others. But the only thing they enjoy more than spoiling their partners, friends, and family members is spoiling their dogs. After all, it’s clear how much their pets appreciate the attention and affection. With people, they don’t even get a thank you sometimes. But their dog will always be happy to see them, happy to spend time with them. That’s why their dog is going to get extra special treatment, even better than the humans get.

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Leos appreciate loyalty, and there’s no one more loyal than a dog. And no one will ever give them more attention. Leos loves to feel like the center of the universe, but they know that’s impossible with another human. They can’t expect their partner or friends to jump up and down whenever they walk into a room. But their dog will do this. Their dog will follow them anywhere and never runs out of kisses.

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Sagittarius love to have fun and enjoy life — and the best way to do that is with a dog by your side. Dogs are active and playful, two qualities that a Sagittarius appreciates in any creature. They love that they can take their dog for walks around the block or throw the ball in order to get some exercise in for both of them. They love being lazy together too and lounging on the couch without a care in the world. Everything is better with a dog by their stern

Capricorns are skeptics who are always worried people are going to betray them and have trouble letting their guard down — but dogs are way more wholesome. Dogs can be trusted. They are always going to receive more love from a Capricorn than humans are because, quite frankly, they deserve it more and deserve to be spoiled rotten. They deserve to know they’re loved beyond measure.

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Pisces are empaths, and it feels like most dogs are too. Dogs will always be there to lick your tears and cuddle with you when you’re upset. They will always be happy to see you when you come home and aren’t afraid of wearing their emotions on their tails. Pisces appreciate how open these animals are because they strive to be transparent too.

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