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These Zodiac Signs Will End a Beautiful Friendship in Early 2023

Those born under one of these three zodiac signs will end a long-standing friendship at the start of the new year. The removal will be inevitable

Friendship is a very important value but sometimes even the most faithful friends fight. The reasons can be many and often also depend on the phases of life that two friends are going through. If we imagine two teenagers, friendships often break up because one of them flirted with the boy or girl the other liked. In later life, the reasons that can lead to breaking up a long-standing friendship can be endless: betrayal, money, negativity, or even boredom. Everyone has good reasons to say goodbye to a person, even if it’s someone particularly important.

Some signs of the zodiac will end a friendship in the very first months of the new year. We will soon try to explain the reasons that will push these people to take such a drastic decision. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, everything has a logic, we just need to try to make an effort to understand what our interlocutor is saying to us. Three signs of the zodiac in particular will say goodbye to an important person and they will do it shortly, by the end of the first quarter of the year which has just begun. New year, new life, and new friendships for these three zodiac signs. Let’s find out if yours is on the list too!

The three zodiac signs that will end a friendship in early 2023

Soon you will have the opportunity to know what is the list of zodiac signs that will break a friendship in the first months of the new year. This is not a ranking, like the ones you have already seen on our site. Speaking of rankings, it’s important to remember that lists and rankings are derived from the generic characteristics of the various signs of the zodiac, although there may sometimes be some surprises. For example, would you have ever thought that the most compatible sign with Aquarius could be Aries?

Libra: The first sign featured on this list is that of Libra. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are very balanced but with the new year, they have started to have various problems with some people. Among these, there are also friends with whom there is no longer the feeling of the past. Their relationship has come to an end, even if the friendship has been going on for many years now. There is no more intimacy with this person, neither of them confesses to the other and therefore it is useless to go on. Better to take a step back now before abruptly ending the relationship later.

Virgo: The second sign on this list is that of Virgo. People who belong to this sign of the zodiac will have to sort out several things within their private sphere this year. And it is precisely for this reason that this sign will interrupt some friendships, which have now become false. Those born under this zodiac sign love sincerity and can’t stand people who tell lies. That is why the Virgo sign will soon say goodbye to an important person and will look forward, never looking back. Sometimes these decisions need to be made, especially around people who don’t love you back.

Leo: The last sign on this list is that of Leo. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are very fiery, even if in some cases they exaggerate. Leo sees enemies everywhere, even where there are none. If there are conflicts with someone, he tends to end a relationship immediately, even if it is a beautiful friendship. Leo struggles to forgive, when he makes a decision he doesn’t go back and often acts on instinct, without considering that on the other side, there could be a really important person. When he gets angry, Leo can’t find a common ground, which is why he will soon end a long-lasting friendship. And if you regret it?

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