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These Zodiac Signs Never Have the Phone at Hand

These signs never answer the phone, always seem busy, and never call back. Well, some see a certain arrogance in them, but the truth is that they have a complicated relationship with technology and with the smartphone above all.

And this is because these are people who just can’t understand how to behave with this tool: if on the one hand, we have signs that are attached to this contraption, they don’t even know where it is at the moment, sometimes they don’t wear it not even around with him. And well, if you’re curious to go more specifically with the theme of the day, we suggest you continue reading the next few lines. It will be very curious and fun.


Although the lion is a very self-centered guy, he has a very strange relationship with the cell phone. He is almost always unavailable, partly due to his thousand commitments, partly because he usually prefers a call or a physical meeting rather than continuing to text each other. Well, that’s how it is, don’t blame him.


We are also dealing with a sign that never responds to any message or call it receives. He usually has the device set to “silent,” so he prefers to call him spontaneously when he has time. And he rarely has any according to hear him.


Here too, Aquarius is a sign that loves answering the phone and getting lost in long conversations with each other, the real problem is that they often don’t hear it because they put it away in corners of the house where they stay for hours without realizing it.


And the Capricorn? Well, he only answers what he says. He doesn’t want to have breakups with people he doesn’t know. Furthermore, as a first approach, he always prefers real, physical contact.

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