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Are you a true lover of cinema? If you talk every day about Quentin Tarantino’s skill or not, you will surely be in the ranking of the most cinephile zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

How many times have you heard someone talk about Steven SpielbergQuentin Tarantino, or Martin Scorsese as if they were their best friends?
People who think of nothing but cinema and who believe they know its innermost secrets just because they are true cinephiles.
We decided to ask the horoscope what are the zodiac signs that are meant by cinema or that, at least, believe they do. Ready to find out if you are in the rankings?

The most cinephile zodiac signs: find out if you are in today’s ranking too

Today we decided to ask the horoscope for a very special ranking.

We want to find out, in fact, which are the most cinephile zodiac signs of the whole horoscope and yes, we are also talking about you who call Quentin Tarantino “obvious” or Martin Scorsese “too predictable”.
There are many people who are literally “slaves” of the seventh art: and if it were also their zodiac sign to influence them?

Let’s find out the first five positions: at least you will know what to talk about with these zodiac signs!

Cancer: fifth place

Sensitive, emotional, and also very empathic: those born under the sign of Cancer could not fail to be true cinephiles!

Convinced that they are the only ones who truly understand what a film is about and believe they have a special relationship with actors and characters.
In short: Cancers are people who absolutely love cinema because they see all those worlds to which they feel they belong: everywhere but far from (bad) reality!

Pisces: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Pisces, particularly like movies and would talk about them for hours and hours.
(Much to the scorn of those who, on the other hand, want to talk about something concrete with Pisces ).

Pisces particularly like to be able to ” turn off the brain ” and totally identify with another person, in another story, and in another historical moment. They’ve seen pretty much every movie available and are very knowledgeable about stories!

Capricorn: third place

Capricorns are true lovers of the world of cinema. They, so precise and lovers of concreteness, find themselves immersing themselves in the world of films almost completely.

Don’t get us wrong: Capricorns haven’t suddenly turned into daydreamers! They simply like the film product because they believe it is practically an impossible feat to make a film and are in awe of how perfectly everything works. That’s why Capricorns are among the most cinephiles even if they are extremely critical. Fortunately, they are not among the most judgmental zodiac signs in the whole horoscope!

Sagittarius: second place

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who really love movies: they practically speak only of the last ones they have seen!
(And, perhaps precisely for this reason, they are also in the ranking of the banalest zodiac signs of the horoscope ).

Sagittarians, in fact, talk about movies rather than anything else that happens in their life. They are not interested in friendships, relationships, or even, simply, what happens in their life and would only talk about films.
The reason is that Sagittarius is extremely independent and reserved: letting off steam through movies is the best way to “live” without having to do anything concrete.

Libra: first place in the ranking of the most cinephile zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

Dear friends of Libra, we give you the crown of the most cinephile zodiac signs ever.
You love movies more than anything else in the world!

Libra loves not only having fun watching movies but also talking about them with just about anyone.
This is a way of doing that we could practically define very “English”: Libra, in fact, uses films and comments about it as a way to make conversation without offending anyone or making gaffes!
Libra, however, genuinely likes movies a lot: they watch tons of them and, often, identify with the characters so much that they end up buying themselves like them.

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