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These Zodiac Signs Can’t Read Feelings

Reading feelings, and understanding the other, is never very simple. There are times when it’s important to stop reflect, and understand what’s going through each other’s minds.

The signs of the day are those who just don’t understand how to conquer whoever they want on a sentimental level, nor are they able to understand the inputs that the people in front of them give them.

People who are like this often fail to understand how to make their way in the world and in the field of love which, when it is not understood, can become a problematic and thorny terrain, on which it is very difficult to walk and advance.

The signs that they are unable to figure out how to conquer their partner are them.


Contrary to popular belief, it’s very difficult for Leos to get to the heart of those they love. Despite being a very sociable sign, capable of having excellent possibilities in the professional field, in terms of leadership, here we are dealing with a person who cannot express what he thinks gently and delicately. The lion is not good at one-on-one, which occurs in a sentimental couple relationship, but is instead very good with a group of people. Well, he has this small, but important flaw that he should try to modify because there are moments that couldn’t and shouldn’t escape him, otherwise he loses quite a lot of things.


Libra is a particular sign, of self-confidence, strong, and convinced of their means, certainly very balanced, from every point of view. Sometimes, there are moments in which he cannot fully understand who he is dealing with, because it is as if only the rational part lights up in him, perhaps he should let himself go a little and look for a form of poor balance that allows him to go even deeper into things. On the other hand, love is something that can never be truly measured, it is something irrational, which must be allowed to run free and always go further.


Let’s close with Aquarius, a sign that always knows how to find beauty in love, in the people in front of it, but the truth is that despite being a romantic he can’t bring out that big world that lives inside him and that it would allow him to fully express his feelings towards others. We said before that love is simple; the problem is understanding it.

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