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These Zodiac Signs Are The Most Inconsistent, According To Astrology

3 Zodiac Signs Always Change the Cards on the Table

It is not easy to remain more than consistent with yourself and with your way of thinking. If there are people who live the change serenely, there are many other people who don’t do it and who maybe have a thousand useless worries. Here, today, however, let’s put this second category aside and arrange the first group of people in the foreground.

These are elements that are always looking for a plan B, an alternative, a different way of doing, different, they continually shuffle the cards on the table, to put it in a single expression. It’s not easy to deal with them, given that these people prove to be highly inconsistent and it’s not easy, so keep up with them, let’s say so.

But in any case, we are ready to deal with the subject in our way and to clarify everyone’s thoughts. Here are the most inconsistent signs of the entire zodiac.


It is a sign that he is unable to maintain a symbol, a sign of coherence, in everything he does, he is unable to get to the bottom of things and to take on his responsibilities, those he should have on his shoulders, often ends up to abandon things halfway, and he is certainly not the most reliable of all, even if his character allows him to settle everything in a good way, with a positive mood, rather than a professional one, sometimes he manages and other times he fails to do it. If you know him, you know him well.


And how can we fail to mention Gemini, the sign that makes more than just a personality coexist in his heart and mind? Well, dealing with him sometimes turns out to be very complex, it’s an art that you can’t always manage and that few know how to master at best. Sometimes things end up with this sign due to a trivial misunderstanding, but let’s also say that he is not the best in clarity, seeing is believing.


His always being with his head in the clouds does not allow him to have at hand a series of things that he would rather have and would like to learn how to manage in the best way. He is confused, bewildered, and coherent, to put it mildly, not even he knows where he is at home. And this does not allow him to have long-term relationships, usually, he often changes groups precisely because he is unable to respect the timing and ways of being of the group that he used to frequent before.

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