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These Two Zodiac Signs Could Find Love At The Start Of The 2024

It waltzes in the sky and in hearts. The start of the 2024 school year promises to be full of emotions.

Meeting, love at first sight, and romance. Here are the two astrological signs that risk breaking with celibacy in the coming days.

Venus retrograde, it’s finally over. At the start of the school year, the situation should settle down on the heart side. Goodbye to the season of breakups, welcome to the period that will allow us to bring souls together. At least that’s what astrologer Marc Angel seems to announce. In his back-to-school horoscope, it promises great encounters. Better yet, the first weeks of September could be ideal for breaking away from being single. Notice to singles looking for passionate adventures, wild evenings, and stories that will spice up everyday life: everything is about to change. Well, this is especially for three lucky people! Yes, we can’t win every time. On the other hand, these two astrological signs are well on their way to conquering the world (and their crush) with a simple blink of their eyelashes. Jealous? Just wait until you find out who it is before you start robbing yourself… Maybe you’ll be part of this guaranteed 100% romantic ranking.

Horoscope: Here Is The Most Charming Sign Of The Start Of The School Year

It’s the return of popularity, lightness, and desire. The stars are aligning in the Aries universe. Venus (love) is back in direct course after a little over a month in retrograde. This bodes well for the future for the first sign of the zodiac. More concretely, he can expect “a winning return to love if his little heart has been upset lately,” specifies astrologer Marc Angel in his back-to-school horoscope. Feelings and passion come back in force. Hearts beat in unison, contact is easy, and exchanges are tender and romantic.

Aries who sail solo are undoubtedly the happiest of all the characters of the zodiac. Venus and Mars (action, the power of seduction) are responsible for making him more charming and charismatic than ever. “This alliance helps you force the hand of destiny to break with celibacy. » By making him more enterprising than ever, the stars invite Aries to dare. He takes initiative, takes the first step, and jumps in with both feet into an exciting adventure. This is what he has been waiting for for a long time. Without having to search too much. Love falls on him. He hadn’t necessarily planned this, but now he can’t resist it. He breaks down, he lets himself go. All that remains is to be a little more attentive than normal if he wants to build on a story that lasts.

Back To School Rhymes With Romance For This Astrological Sign

The energies are condensed. With six planets in retrograde at the start of the school year, the period is ripe for asking many questions. This was without counting on the Lion who took the opposite view. He takes action by following the path of his desires and desires. Everything speeds up in his little world, starting with his love life. Protected by the goddess of hearts and sensuality, he regains his splendor and reconnects with romance. Marc Angel writes: “By returning to the race, Venus sprinkles your loves with sensual and spicy pinches. » All the conditions are there to add a little spice to your daily life.

If this proves interesting for natives and natives in couples, the start of the school year especially offers the opportunity for singles to increase the number of meetings. The burning flame of desire is hotter than ever. “The eye is naughty, with a touch of provocation to melt hearts if you are looking for a soul mate. » Yes, in the coming weeks, all the qualities of Leo will be sublimated. He shines with his splendor, he shines with his ease, he fascinates with his mastery of flirting. Nothing and no one will be able to resist him. King of the zodiac, executioner of hearts. The Lion has the wind and the heart in its sails.

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