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These Are The Zodiac Signs That Fit The “Sage” Feminine Archetype

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We all embody extraordinary traits and we all have an archetype that represents ourselves, our strengths, and even our divine purpose. These “archetypes” are known as Feminine Archetypes, universal patterns that represent who we are at our core. These archetypes can transcend gender boundaries since we all have a masculine and a feminine side.

The Sage Archetype embodies wisdom, teaching, and reflecting on lessons learned. There are two zodiac signs that fit this archetype the best:

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Virgos are very intelligent, analytical, practical, and always on a quest for efficiency. As one of the quieter signs, Virgo will observe and take in information to use later on, thanks to their ruler Mercury (the planet of communication). They will feel as if they know everything (and they often do) simply because they noticed things that others didn’t.

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Aquarius is an air sign, ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and technology. Aquarians are the ones who make changes, stand up for justice, try new things, and teach people the lessons and things they’ve learned. They’re quite introspective in that way.

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