Zodiac Signs

These Are The 5 Meanest Signs Of The Zodiac


Talking about a mean girl! You are one mean cookie. The fact you have two sides to your personality is what makes you so b**chy. You have the skill to pretend you love someone (your ‘good’ side) and the moment they turn away, you’ll stab them in the back (your ‘bad’ side).

You will deny someone’s existence if you don’t get something in return from that person. You walk the streets as if you own them. Your ego is so big, it can’t fit in any room. People wouldn’t want to screw you over—you’ll get even b**chier.


You are a whole different story. Miss ‘No one Can Touch Me’ wants everyone to run around her like crazy and fulfill her every wish. With your head way up high in the sky, you think no one can touch you—you’re better than everyone.

You suffer from attention-seeking and you want everyone to like you—high expectations for someone who acts ‘untouchable’ like you.


You most definitely have a mean side, but you don’t like to show it—actually, you don’t like that side of your personality at all. We are all cranky and kind of b**chy when we are in a bad mood, but in this area, you don’t have a match.

What upsets you the most is when people don’t treat you with the respect you deserve—that’s when you are the b**chiest.


You are always the loudest one in the room. You crave the spotlight. It can’t be any other way. So, if someone can’t stand you being the most important person in the room and they ask you to take it down with a nudge, you’ll go the b**chiest of the b**chiest on them.

Whenever things don’t go your way, you lose it and take out your anger on the person who stands the closest to you.


You have your periods when you hate everything that’s moving. That’s when you behave like a total b**ch. Although you have some things to solve inside your head, that doesn’t give you the right to take it out on other people.

You are not aware that you’re being mean, and you don’t do it deliberately. But, when you are in a bad mood, you’ll have a mean comeback for anything that anyone says.

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