Zodiac Signs

These Are the 4 Bluntest Zodiac Signs


When Aries feels wronged, they won’t hesitate in the slightest to tell you you owe them an apology. Judge, jury, and executioner, they will read you a list of your crimes in full, sparing no detail. They have high standards, and when you aren’t up to snuff, they can’t just sit idly by twiddling their thumbs. Something must be done, something must be said. If you’re strong enough to face the criticism, saying you’re sorry goes a long way. As quick as Aries is to voice their dissatisfaction, they are even quicker to move on once an issue has been addressed. Grow some thick skin, take their outbursts with a grain of salt, and you’ll do just fine.


A Taurus is the type that will send something back to the kitchen. They’re not afraid to call out when food is cold, when the wine has gone bad, or god forbid when there’s a hair in their soup. They know the value of their time and money, and when they decide to spend it, they expect a certain level of quality assurance. There’s nothing overtly rude about their approach, they’re just not the type to go hungry or thirsty because they’re too afraid to speak up. As long as customer service makes good on their mistake, they won’t leave a scathing review, but all the same, this is the person you want on the Better Business Bureau.


A Virgo is the flesh and blood equivalent of that legendary Brittany Spear’s “Dump Him” t-shirt. They are fierce friends, and will always have your back, but they will only listen to you complain for so long before producing what is in their opinion the best and only solution to your relationship problems. If your partner is not good enough for you, it’s their duty as your bestie to let you know whether you’re ready to hear it or not. When you’ve known a Virgo long enough you know they never jump to conclusions like this prematurely. Well before you opened your mouth, they had been collecting data and making their own evaluation. If your latest crush is not “the one”, a Virgo will know before you.


A Sagittarius is quick to tease everyone and anyone. They find some restraint as they mature, but there’s always that youthful side of them that loves to come up with an original nickname. Their intentions are never malicious, it’s simply a form of endearment, and they love a good laugh. Sure, they could use a filter at times, but a filter never made you pee your pants, did it? They were just that child that blurted things out as they saw them and never fully grew out of it. Strangers will think it’s major Hermione Granger energy – “You’ve got dirt on your nose, by the way, did you know?” – but a Sagittarius’ tone is always playful. They love you all the more in those embarrassing moments.

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