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These 6 Zodiac Signs Can’t Let Go Of A Certain Person In 2024

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Can’t forget someone? These 6 zodiac signs can’t let go of someone in particular in 2024.

What makes life worth living is the same as what can hurt us the most: loving another person.

When we love another, we are extremely awake, and alive. Because being in love is a sublime but temporary state.

We continually fail to realize that romantic love comes with a contract of promised pain, because one of the two parties involved will either die, leave, or fall out of love, leaving the other person devastated.

And even though we know that our attachment can cause us emotional distress, we still insist, we still grasp until our fingers break.

Luckily, using astrology as a guide is a great way to learn about the zodiac signs that can’t let go.

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It is not in our human nature to disengage easily; we love our sense of security, our ideas of permanence, but nothing lasts.

Why do we cling so tightly to what cannot last? Is there a reason we can’t let go?

Some of us learn the lesson of detachment and understand it as a saving grace. However, most of us don’t even begin to understand it, and so we spend our lives going from one attachment to the next, and some of us can never let go – ever. Are you one of them?


Libras tend to be idealists right now. That’s why they’re experiencing particularly intense shocks this year when their ideals suddenly shatter.

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They find it difficult to let go, especially when it comes to love and family. The loss of a family member can severely affect a Libra and plunge them into a long-term depression.

Libras generally find it difficult to let go, and this persistent behavior makes it difficult for outsiders to offer support.

If you try to help your Libra partner solve something, you may encounter resistance.

It is advisable to concentrate on your own affairs in this situation. After all, it is his personal problem that he has to deal with himself.


Letting go in 2024 is also a challenge for those who know, as it feels like a personal failure to them.

The thought of failing or taking a step backward makes them uncomfortable. Aries have great ambitions and goals, and they do everything they can to ensure that the best of them manifests itself.

That’s why they’re showing a lot of ambition this year in pursuing their plans.
When their dreams take unexpected turns and they are forced to let them go, they often sink into despair.

It is difficult for them to say goodbye to something that was firmly anchored in their plans. This situation can be so stressful that they tend to ignore letting go.

Aries tend to cling to unrealistic dreams and chase them throughout their lives, even when they have long since become impossible.

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For this zodiac sign, letting go is extremely difficult in this phase, as it places immense value on stability.

Cancers trust it, they depend on it. When things don’t go as planned, Cancer not only becomes unbalanced, but completely derailed. He’s looking for something to hold on to, something to give him security.

The longing for stability makes it difficult for him to let go, even when what he loves or needs is no longer there.

Even long after the disappearance, he will do everything he can to keep a person or thing that means a lot to him with him.

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