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These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Be A Leo’s Greatest Loves

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Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries will always be one of Leo’s greatest loves. Because together or apart, an Aries will forever be captivated by a Leo’s presence, leaving the lion to feel seen and appreciated. These two effortlessly change each other’s lives for the best, whether it means to be one another’s personal cheerleaders toward the pursuit of both of their dreams or naturally one-upping on who got the other the better birthday gift. The love between a Leo and an Aries is sort of like a modern day fairy-tale. They are each other’s equal, best friend, and confidant. An Aries encourages Leo’s wildest dreams, praises their sense of individuality, and genuinely admires the strong and independent spirit they are. Whether these two find their happy ending with each other or not, an Aries’ imprint on a Leo’s life will forever leave this fire sign feeling more loved than they could ever deserve.

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Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Leos probably experience the most butterflies with a Cancer. This water sign is able to become the strongest support system these fire signs have longed for. Leos find their home in a Cancer. They find the softest shoulder they could lean on, an attentive listening ear, and the sincerest heart they can ever love. From exchanging the sweetest text messages to looking at each other across the room with pure admiration, a Leo with a Cancer will make you believe in love again. Whether these two end up together or not, the time spent between these signs will always remind the lioness that she was once loved with the utmost care and compassion.

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Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgos are Leo’s safe place. This earth sign is probably the most consistent one a Leo could ever be with. Every romantic picnic is planned (and actually happens), every important date is remembered and celebrated, and the sweetest text messages are sent every morning and night to make sure the Leo knows how the Virgo truly feels about them. These earth signs are forever hypnotized by a Leo’s beauty, their ambition and work ethic, and the fact that they will always know what they want in their lives. With a Virgo, Leo is able to find someone to plan a future with, to survive life’s adversities, and to stay when the going gets tough. Whether these two live happily ever after or not, the impact a Virgo leaves on a Leo’s life is one that will encourage Leo to always reach for the stars, no matter what may come their way.

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Leo (July 23- August 22)

Though two Leos in love may seem odd or slightly tense, these two can actually find support and relate to each other more than you think. I mean, who else would make a better companion than your own zodiac sign? As a Leo grows up and matures, a relationship with their own sign becomes a beautiful dynamic of balance, transparency, and support. From cheering on each other through their personal and professional endeavors to expressing the most affection for the other than any other sign on this list. You can expect these two to host the classiest parties and be comfortable farting around each other early in the relationship (because they become that close and have the most stable level of trust) because they grow to love each other that much. Whether these two stay together or grow apart, both of their lives are forever changed by the fact that someone once loved them with their whole heart and will never regret it.

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Libra (September 23- October 22)

When these two are together, they set the perfect example of a friendship on fire. Libras are a Leo’s forever hype-person. These air signs adore a Leo’s assertiveness, decisiveness, and passion. With a Libra, these fire signs find someone they can be themselves around. Libras also show them how important it is to have a friendship in a romantic relationship. You can expect these two to sing (or rap) in the car together, check out the new restaurant in town just because, and strike up conversations with complete strangers and possibly make their day—just because. Leos find a great love in a Libra because these two are truly the best of friends. Every disagreement is solved through mild-tempered conversations as this air sign teaches the lion how to act less on impulse, and they form a very strong bond over time, as both of their outlooks on life are similar. Whether these two end up together or not, Leos are sure to be reminded that someone once loved them for who they are, exactly as they are.

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