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These 4 Zodiacs Are The Easiest To Please

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Cancer doesn’t ask for much because they’ve always got it covered themselves. They’re so independent, they’re not looking to be babied or waited on or coddled. They just want someone who shows up consistently, with their full honest selves, and is there because they want to be there. Cancer isn’t afraid of intimacy, but they’ll also never force it either. They’ll never ask someone to stay just so they won’t be alone. They also won’t push someone away when they are trying to get close. Cancers just have good heads on their shoulders. They appreciate the simplest things in life—any moment with a loved one is something to be eternally grateful for. That’s why even in a breakup, Cancers never leave things on bad terms. As long as everyone is being honest with each other, there is nothing to hold against anyone.

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Leo needs very little in life, but they need it in significant quantities and regularly. They need socialization. They need to get out of the house. And they need one-on-one attention. That’s it. They’re not super picky about who, what, or where, as long as you can deliver the goods. Leo’s can make friends with everyone. Your high school soccer team, your grandma’s bridge club, the cashier at any store. They are curious people who love to explore and can feel as comfortable in a dive bar as they do on a hotel rooftop. They’ll try any activity once and will always just appreciate that you wanted to do something—anything—with them. Even if their partner is more introverted, going out of your way to please a Leo will earn major loyalty.

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Libras are easily pleased because they don’t need anything crazy. You could literally deliver a C performance in any category and they would know how to make do. You can’t cook anything other than macaroni and cheese from a box? No problem, Libra will happily chow down. Budget’s a little tight around their birthday? You could give Libra a pair of socks and they will wear them whenever you’re together just to show you how much they love them. On the days when you are struggling with problems of your own or just in a terrible mood for no reason, Libra will be content just to sit by your side. They may even join in on your fume fest. At the end of the day, it’s all about what becomes a story you can laugh at later.

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Scorpio is a funny one. Everyone assumes they’re terribly hard to please because no one can read them. It’s like the ‘mysterious’ vibes they give off are a black hole from which nothing can be deduced. But in reality, the abyss is just them trying to read you. Scorpio is happiest when they know you’re happy. They are pleased by pleasing you. Even if they’ve just met you, they want to know those initial interactions made a good impression on you, made them worth remembering later. Scorpio wants to be everyone’s favorite, and they’ll go to great lengths to do so. All they really want is to be seen and appreciated. Words of affirmation will do wonders for their confidence and self-esteem.

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