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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Masters Of Masking Heartbreak/Pain

Some zodiac signs wear their heart on their sleeves. They’re comfortable sitting down and discussing their deepest emotions. Other zodiac signs are afraid to open up about their emotions. They avoid serious conversations at all costs. Here are a few zodiac signs who hide the cracks in their heart. You would never notice that something has been bothering them.


This sign doesn’t like to show any form of vulnerability because they mistake it for a weakness. When their heart is broken, they are going to act like they weren’t interested in the person anyway. They might even tell little white lies about how they were the one to initiate the breakup. They will put on a show, pretending that they aren’t in any pain. They would rather suffer in silence than let anyone else in on the fact that they’re suffering. They’re embarrassed about how fragile their feelings actually are. They pretend they are unbreakable, but the truth is that they get hurt easily. They take everything to heart.


Whenever you’re going through a heartache, this zodiac will be the first one to help you feel better. They’ll let you vent to them for hours and will comfort you through your tears. However, they will go MIA when they’re the ones who are upset. They don’t want to bother anyone else with their problems. Asking others for help makes them feel like a burden, even though their loved ones ask them for help all the time and they never hesitate to help. Cancers would rather worry about what is bothering someone else than think about what is bothering them. They focus on others to distract themselves.


This sign keeps busy in order to distract themselves. Whenever they feel uncomfortable emotions starting to creep up again, they will busy themselves with their work. They will jump into new projects and stay late at the office, anything to take their mind off of their own issues. Even though this sign is a problem solver, they procrastinate when it comes to fixing their own problems. They would rather focus on anything else and put their emotions off to another day. They are one of the most logical signs, so messy feelings are an inconvenience to them. They only get in the way. They don’t want to deal with it.


This sign never wants to sit down and talk about their feelings. This is why they rarely show their emotions on their face. They are going to pretend that everything is perfectly fine because they don’t want anyone asking them questions about what happened or offering them pity. They don’t trust most peoplex, so it’s usually pretty easy for them to keep their secrets to themselves. However, they will hide their pain from their loved ones too, because they feel like they are supposed to be the strong one. They act like nothing can hurt them, so no one even asks whether they are doing okay. The world never notices the act that they’re putting on.

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