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These 4 Mars Placements Have The Worst Tempers (And Are Always Ready To Fight)

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Being ruled by the planet Mars, Aries are perfectly comfortable in this placement. They are also perfectly comfortable in the heat of battle. Mars in Aries is by far the quickest to anger. Since they release their anger as soon as they feel it, they rarely hold a grudge. They are also quick to get bored. Don’t let yourself become the outlet for something they find very exciting: a fight.

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If Scorpio placements know one thing, it’s revenge. When Mars (a planet of action and anger) falls into the Scorpio constellation, the perfect storm is created. Their secretive nature and forceful willpower leads this placement to fight a very cunning and drawn out battle. They are definitely in it for the long game. This formula creates an opponent you do not want to go up against. Pleading for forgiveness is futile. If you anger a Scorpio in Mars, give them a lot of space and time to cool off.

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Leo in Mars has a lot of pride to protect. They are especially proud of the impact they have on their community, which they are always striving to change. Their extreme passion creates a fiery nature. Everyone around them feels the heat. If you challenge their plans or boss them around, prepare for a complete explosion. With this placement, flattery gets you everywhere. Inflate that famous sense of pride and they will return to a gentler nature.

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Taurus in Mars is notorious for the walls that they build. Their initial reaction to anger and upset is to shut down completely. The wall they create is made of brick and stone that only they can break through. Like a bull, they eventually crash through that wall and go in for a vicious attack. These bulls are especially triggered by being rushed and things that negatively affect their finances

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