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These 3 Zodiacs Will Never Be Fully Happy Until They Stop Chasing Milestones

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You can’t control when certain milestones are going to happen in life. You need to stop worrying about reaching certain goals by a certain age and worry about your happiness instead. Worry about the aspects that are actually under your control because you’re only going to stress yourself out by thinking about things that you have zero power over. Here are some zodiacs who will never be fully happy until they stop chasing milestones:

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You have big dreams for yourself and feel pressured to reach them every single day. However, you’re going to overwhelm yourself if you worry too much about what you have and have not accomplished yet. Although setting goals for yourself is important, you need to make them realistic. You can control how much work you do per day, but not how much your boss values that work. You can control how many people you flirt with on dating apps, but not whether they fall in love with you. Although your lack of control might feel terrifying at first, it can actually be freeing. Remember ‘success’ isn’t entirely up to you. Luck plays a role. So does timing. It’s not all on your shoulders.

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Leo, you can’t control when you’re going to get married, or buy a house, or land your dream job, or accomplish whatever else you have scribbled on your to-do list. Which is why you need to stop treating these major life milestones like a competition. No one else is comparing you to the people around you — and if they are, they aren’t the type of people you want in your corner anyway. You need to stop comparing yourself to friends who have made different choices, to coworkers who have had different opportunities, to your parents who grew up in an entirely different set of circumstances, even to your past self who might have been more open to love or capable of working longer hours. You don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else because who you are and what you have is good enough. Strive for more, sure, but don’t tear apart your current self to advance your future self.

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You can’t allow peer pressure to get to you. All of the people in your life who have been pressuring you to get into a serious relationship, move up the career ladder, or have children are not in control of you. They don’t get to decide what would make you happy. You are the only one who can make that decision. Remember, the people who genuinely care about you simply want you to live your best life, and they assume that looks exactly the same for you as it does for them–but it doesn’t. Stop worrying about what others expect from you and do what your heart is calling you to do. The right people will be relieved you created a life that makes you happy, and the wrong people are too judgmental to receive your attention anyway. Remember, just because certain milestones make others happy doesn’t mean they’ll make you happy.

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