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These 3 Signs Will Never Propose To You

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Whether they’re afraid of commitment, too proud to ask, or just not a fan of the concept: these are the signs who will never kneel down for anything other than tying their shoelaces.

Aries will simply ask you out of a competitive spirit: to be sure to be “first” on this one. Taurus will explain to you that she is already married to her, but that she wants to consider an effort at polygamy. Everyone has their reasons for getting married that reason ignores, but we are not here to judge anyone (at least, not in this paragraph). On the other hand, know that there are astrological signs that will never ask for your hand. And since they all have their reasons, here are them.

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This Sign Prefers To Be Proposed To

Since she was little, she had prepared herself for a dozen reactions to being proposed to, but she never considered being the one to propose. Libra is certainly one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, the matchmaker among the stars, the slayer of Sunday afternoon romantic comedies. Even the asteroid Juno and the 7th house to which Libra is linked make them the mistress of ceremonies par excellence. On the other hand, the sign of harmony is not known for its talent when it comes to decision-making or risk-taking. More receptive than anything else, we could criticize them for their passivity, they will say that they are waiting for people to come to them: nuance.

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This Sign Is Afraid Of Commitment

More “pull my finger” than kiss your hand, Sagittarius has a little clumsy side that doesn’t reveal its name. Needless to say, he is definitely not part of the anonymous romantics club of the zodiac. A sign of adventure and exploration, Sagittarius does not see love as a long, calm river but as a series of rafting trips with rapids. He has a series of conquests, is never available, and rarely stays in the same country for more than a month. Like Baby in “Dirty Dancing”, you tried to make him listen to reason with: “You don’t need to chase the world after your destiny like a wild horse! ” Useless. If he hears a romantic song, he neighs. If he sees the shadow of a table plan, he kicks.

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This Sign Prefers Cohabitation

Social conventions and Aquarius, that’s two, or even much more. The enfant terrible of the zodiac has rebellion in his blood and he can’t bear to be like everyone else. Even if he wants it, don’t expect that this rose quartz ring that he gave you on a stand at the Humanity Festival will be used for anything other than “chasing away bad vibes and rebalancing your chakras.” , My heart “. Are you not aware that marriage is an institution plagued by misogyny and a lucrative industry that only benefits capitalism? He will be happy to explain it to you during a moonlit walk. Because his idea of ​​romance is just being with you. At least, as in the song by David Bowie (Aquarius ascendant) “Love You Till Tuesday”: “Until Tuesday.

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