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These 2 Words Will Define Your 2024 (Based On Your Birth Month)

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Travel & Opportunities 

You have a tendency to put off that vacation you deserve. You work so hard and have earned your days off, yet you feel guilty taking what you deserve or giving yourself a break. Operating at 110% is admirable and you’ve done so well in the past year. But this will be the year you finally go somewhere and see things, and what you’re going to realize is how big the world is. You’re going to come back feeling refreshed but also realizing you don’t have to make your job your entire life. Having a job gives you a great life but it shouldn’t be your whole life.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities that might make you happier, and when that opportunity presents itself, have the confidence to make a change, even if that change is a bit scarier. You’ve already proven yourself!

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Success & Family 

As you jump into 2024, you will be so happy to see your hard work in the previous year not only starting to be noticed but appreciated by everyone around you. Your work ethic and everything you’ve invested in your career will start to feel like it’s paid off. But that success and that feeling of achievement won’t stop at work—you’ll begin to see success in other facets of your life. You’ll suddenly start to see the right people in your life who deserve to be there will show up in ways you deserve.

In regards to family (or whatever the definition of family is to you), valuing and appreciating them will just enhance the relationships you already have with each of them. Despite the arguments and disagreements that come with family, what you’ll realize is they are your biggest fans and they couldn’t be happier for who you are, who you became, and all you’ve achieved. They saw you at your best and worst, and during the greatest times and the most heartbreaking, and you got through it in part because of their love and support.

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Relationships & Boundaries 

This will be the year for relationships, and that isn’t exclusive to your partner. What you’re going to see in the next year is how fulfilling your relationships have become because of your self awareness. While there might be a chance you “lose” people, realize the only people who can be lost are those who didn’t plan on staying in the first place. The boundaries you set, the things you no longer tolerate, may threaten those people who didn’t have your best interest at heart. Good for you! The people who do see everything great about you and value you will love you even more for finally gaining the confidence to stick up for yourself.

In this exploration of realizing your worth, love will continue to pour into every part of you. If you’re in a relationship, it’s going to get better and you’ll get to the next step. If you’re single, this newfound confidence will attract someone as great as you.

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Health & Happiness 

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Health isn’t going to just look like fitness or achieving some goal you had in mind, while that is something you will achieve, health is going to look like a healthier relationship with yourself, a healthier relationship with friends and family, a healthier relationship with work and just finding peace and balance you might not have known before. This year is going to look like making yourself the priority you’ve always deserved to be and not putting others first. Because while the kind of person you’ve been is admirable and it takes a special heart to say yes to everyone and everything—I bet you’ve been taken advantage of because of it. And that’s sad that someone would do that to you. But this is the year you’re taking your life back and making it your own. Limiting what you will do for others will not only help you to gain confidence but it will make people realize you have changed and things will change this year.

In this newfound internal confidence, you’ll also find happiness! Sometimes we associate happiness with what we do for others, only to give our whole selves to everyone and everything and we are left empty. But happiness starts with you and making sure you are taken care of the same way you take care of others. You deserve to be happy. Don’t be afraid of it.


Change & Appreciation  

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A change in the new year might be a little scary at first. Maybe it wasn’t something you chose. But sometimes the universe changes things around us when we deserve more or deserve better. We settle in our comfort zones not because we don’t know we deserve better but because we are overcome with the fear of failing. But in moments where you are challenged, in moments that might bring you to your knees, you get an opportunity and a chance to grow in every way you might have been afraid to. Whatever opportunity comes your way, grab it with both hands and know it will be okay.

In this big change, what you’re going to learn is appreciation. That appreciation will start with the person looking back at you in the mirror. You’re going to learn strength this year. You are going to learn resilience. And you’re going to learn how much you can endure. In all those lessons, you’ll also learn who is there for you in troubling times. You’ll learn to appreciate the people in your life who were there for the difficult times, and it’s those people who deserve to be there in celebration and when things turn around. And things will turn for you.


Education & Relationships 

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Education can be, getting another degree or certificate or it can be what you learn yourself. It’s the books you start reading, the articles you keep looking at hoping to learn, the podcasts you listen to. Education is in what you’re going to do this year to make yourself a better version of who you are based on what you know. Knowledge is power, and you need to not be afraid of that power.

That education and enhancing your mind will trickle into other areas of your life too. You’re going to start looking for people and at people and want to build relationships with those who push you to the next level. Whatever that level is, you’re going to get there with the help of those you surround yourself with.


Change & Contentment

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2022 was your year of stumbling and falling. But you got back up and you proved that no one can keep you down. You came back fighting, but I bet you’re tired of fighting so hard. You’re tired of telling people what you deserve. You’re tired of trying to prove you deserve what you know in your heart you do. The thing about trying to prove your worth means you are surrounded by people who don’t value you. You are surrounded by people who haven’t seen clearly what you’ve done. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re constantly having to prove yourself. You should feel like you have put 100% into this thing, into this relationship, into everyone and everything around you, and it is enough because you are enough.

2024 is going to be the year you stop fighting so hard and start seeing who is going to fight for you. And in putting your guard down, in taking a moment to observe what and who is around you, you’ll see who deserves to be there. Not everyone deserves to be in your life, especially when you’re striving to improve it. What is going to improve isn’t just the life you’re leading but the relationships too. What you’ll find in letting go of trying to control things is learning to be content with what and who you do have.


Love & Growth  

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This is the year of love for you. And it’s going to enhance every part of your life. But the thing you have to remember is to not be afraid of the prospect of love entering your life and changing it in a way. You have to not be afraid of letting someone in and your walls coming down. You have to not be afraid of vulnerability and allowing yourself to care. I know you’ve been hurt, and I know how hard it was for you, and I know you don’t ever want to experience pain at that level that you did. But when you allow love back into your life and your heart, what you’ll find also is healing.

In opening yourself up to love, you’ll also find growth. You’ll find yourself being challenged in ways maybe you haven’t before; you’ll find this person is going to help make you better even though you are already great.


Acceptance & Forgiveness

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Sometimes accepting things that hurt your heart is the hardest because you know you didn’t deserve it. There’s a part of you that is screaming internally, “How could someone do this to me?” But there is a quieter voice within you asking, “Why did someone do this?” The pain you feel is proof that something and someone mattered. In that pain, sometimes you want to just strive to fix things but what you have to understand is sometimes the things or the relationships that get broken in your life weren’t your doing. You shouldn’t cut your fingers trying to put something back together when you didn’t break it in the first place. But you’re a fixer, you’re someone who likes to solve problems, and you want everything in your life to be right. But people have wronged you and it’s them that should want to fix it.

What you are going to learn this year is accepting the things you can’t change and just letting them go. In that acceptance, you’ll also learn to forgive them and forgive yourself letting go of that guilt that feels crippling. 2024 is going to be your year of finally moving on.


Clarity & Connection 

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Maybe the past year was a little blurry for you. It came with confusion, uncertainty, heartbreak, and heaviness. But if 2023 was about not seeing clearly, then 2024 is going to bring a clear vision of who you are and what it is you want. 2024 is going to be the year you get everything you deserve.

This year will be the one you not only get more connected with yourself and who you are but you’re going to be more exclusive about who you give access to yourself to. Some people are more curious than they are caring, and maybe those kinds of people have fooled you before. But not this year. This is the year you are the priority. Maybe people will say you’ve changed, but if you’re changing your life in a way that enhances it and you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks.


Achievement & Happiness 

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If 2022 was the year spent prepping for things and leading up to the goals you’re bound to achieve, 2024 is the year you’re going to knock it out of the park. You’re going to achieve every one of those goals. The truth is only you and those close to you have seen how much work you’ve put in and invested. There have been many early mornings, late nights, and getting through long days without complaining, which is so admirable. You deserve this success more than anyone.

While you deserve success, you also deserve to be happy. And this will be the year of happiness for you!


Kindness & Karma 

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2024 is the year you’re going to lead with kindness, and that kindness starts with you, then others. Maybe in previous years you’ve been too kind, but this will be the year you’re exclusively kind to those who deserve it.

This will also be the year that people who weren’t kind to you will get what is coming to them. While your kindness has been appreciated (but maybe not as it should have been), karma is going to be so loud you won’t even have to say more.

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