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There Are 5 Types Of Earth Angels — Which One Are You?

Earth angels are some of the most clairvoyant human beings within our world. Not only do they have an immense amount of love to give others, but they are also known for harboring a deep intuition, and an awe-inspiring amount of empathy within their souls. The most beautiful thing about earth angels is the fact that they feel like their life purpose is rooted within serving others — they find fulfillment in their softness, and in the gifting of their energy to those around them. Though these human beings are not celestial angels, they share a lot of the same qualities, and they exist in this Universe in many different forms.

There are 5 types of earth angels, and understanding your unique archetype can help you to fulfill your purpose in this world. Which one do you feel most connected to?

1. Listener Earth Angels

When you’re a Listener, people are drawn to share deep and sometimes intense personal issues with you, even if you don’t know them very well. Your ability to be compassionate, understanding, and lacking in judgment means that you are a magnet and a safe place for humans who need others to embrace them openly.

This is a beautiful archetype because you can create intimacy with new people very quickly, and this affords you the ability to make connections with those from all walks of life. You anchor those around you, and you help to ground them. However, if too many people want to confide in you, you may feel drained at certain times in your life and experience bouts of extreme energy depletion. It is important to create boundaries with others, and with yourself, so that you can continue to spread your light into this world.

If your zodiac sign is: Capricorn, Aquarius or Scorpio — you might be this kind of archetype.

2. Healer Earth Angels

When you’re a Healer, you yourself feel drawn to those in this world who are suffering. You feel accomplished and fulfilled when you have the ability to help them and mend their emotional wounds. Though some Healers do, not all within this archetype work within a profession or a role that is associated with healing, like a doctor or a nurse. This is about being a soft, and tender energy in the lives of others, and a channel for them to work through their shadows and free themselves of their hurt. You are their guide along their journey.

Healers heal themselves when they help others, which is one of the most beautiful aspects of this archetype. They fill their cup by ensuring that others go off into this world feeling unburdened and lighter when it comes to their hearts, and their emotions. However, it is important to remember that if you resonate with this archetype, you have not been put here to fix everyone or to heal every wound. Sharing your heart, sharing your knowledge, and being there for others as a guide, is enough.

If your zodiac sign is: Cancer, Pisces or Virgo — you might be this kind of archetype.

3. Nature Earth Angels

When you’re a Nature earth angel, you feel a deep rooted and special connection to the environments around you. You may even feel called to work within the energy of nature, and to protect the natural world around you from society and those who might deplete it. If you’re this kind of archetype, you may feel drawn to living in remote spaces, or you feel most at home by the beach, in a forest, or on a mountain. You feel best when you are working to build a more sustainable world that honors nature, and dedicating your life to doing so feels sacred.

This kind of archetype moves through this world in a really gentle way, and it is one of the best kinds of earth angels to be because simply being surrounded by elements within nature, like plants and flowers, grounds you and anchors you. It is important that you focus your life within a place that offers you the benefits of physically being in the world. Living in a city might deplete you if it is one that doesn’t have various green spaces, and while it may not always be easy for you to move to a more natural place, you are encouraged to seek them out as much as possible.

If your zodiac sign is: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces — you might be this kind of archetype.

4. Activist Earth Angel

When you’re an Activist earth angel, you are deeply affected by anything in this world that is unjust or unequal. You are sensitive to all of the disparities around you, and that often causes you to dedicate your life to progressive action. This is a beautiful archetype to be, because the world is in need of more human beings who genuinely care to right the wrongs of the past, and to make this Earth a kinder place for those who will inherit it in the future.

As an Activist, you are passionate and almost spiritually connected to everything and everyone around you. You feel plugged into the suffering and the needs of the world, but you don’t let that break you down or discourage you. You approach issues with a positive idealism, and your light inspires others to better themselves. It’s important for all Activists to understand that their efforts are not for nothing, and that they are genuinely making a difference in the environments around them, even if they may not see their impact directly.

If your zodiac sign is: Aquarius or Aries — you might be this kind of archetype.

5. Creative Earth Angel

When you’re a Creative earth angel, you are a channel for something so much greater than yourself. You harness inspiration, and you weave it into art that directly impacts those in the world around you. Whether you’re a musician, or a painter, or someone who creates technology that drives the world forward, your mind and your vision is unique, and that uniqueness helps to heal humanity.

As a Creative, you deeply care about what you are putting into the world, and you do everything with intention. You rely on your creativity as a place of solace — the simple act of conducting your vision, and what you feel as a deeply sensitive person, into something concrete that can move others, fills your cup, and brings purpose to your life.

Creatives are constantly brimming with ideas, and their intuition is always acting as a call to higher thinking. This archetype has an imagination that is inventive in the most awe-inspiring way, and it is important that they hold on to the knowledge that it deserves to take up space in a world that might not always connect with it. Just because some human beings may not see an idea clearly, or understand what you are trying to create as a Creative, does not mean that it isn’t making a difference in the lives of those who do.

If your zodiac sign is: Pisces, Taurus, Leo, Libra — you might be this kind of archetype.

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