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The Zodiac Signs That Do Not Know How To Let Themselves Go In Love

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Let’s find out together what are the 5 signs of the zodiac that struggle to express their feelings in love.

When it comes to feelings, reactions change from person to person, there are those who love to talk about love and what they feel for their loved ones and others who, on the contrary, prefer to remain vague, feeling almost ashamed in externalizing this. they try. Love, after all, is a difficult feeling that in some ways is seen as a strength but which for others can represent a weakness. For this reason, those who usually make themselves known to the rest of the world as a person all in one piece, rational and difficult to soften, tend to find it difficult more than others to admit to having feelings of love towards someone.
The reasons? Many times it is a simple fear of opening up, other times, however, there may be an extreme need to maintain control, perhaps due to the fear of being hurt. Still others, it is a simple inability to express what one feels.

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In any case, love remains a multifaceted feeling that is faced in an extremely different and personal way. And this, removing the above reasons, may depend on past experiences, on how you were raised and, obviously, on your zodiac sign or, even better, on your ascendant. It is in fact known that the stars have a certain influence on us and this also applies to the very delicate sphere of feelings. For this reason, today, after seeing together we will remain on the delicate field of love to understand which are the signs that usually have more difficulty in letting go of love.

The 5 signs of the zodiac that have a hard time loving

Gemini – Those who love a lot but don’t know how to communicate it
Those born under the sign of Gemini are dual people and therefore used to living in a constant contrast of emotions and sensations. When you enter the sentimental sphere, however, the confusion that they generally know how to manage in a masterly way seems to get the better, leaving them at a disadvantage. For this reason, when they feel they love someone deeply, they try in every way to prove it with facts, struggling extremely hard in the field of words. Being understood is therefore very difficult for them and this only exacerbates their fears, leading them to close themselves in a vicious circle of which they risk remaining prisoners. The only way out is to find a person who is extremely compatible or so in love as to understand them at first glance and to give them a hand in doing so,

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Virgo – Those who need certainties to love
Virgo natives are born calculators, always ready to make detailed plans on every single aspect of their life. This way of doing things leads them to be very cautious about everything they struggle to control or plan and feelings obviously fall into this sphere that is very difficult for them to manage. Always alert and suspicious, before opening up to others, especially if they consider them important, they make a lot of effort, risking to appear more closed and annoyed than they really are. Unfortunately for them, this way of being is completely out of their control, which is why the only way to be truly understood is to strive beyond all limits.

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Scorpio – Those who when they love have so many fears
Those born under the sign of Scorpio, when they have important feelings towards someone, tend to close in a hedgehog for fear of suffering. Normally bold and able to conquer anyone thanks to their charm steeped in mystery, they risk losing every winning feature if really in love. Unfortunately, the distrust of others leads them to behave in the opposite way to how they would like and this is because, at the base, they really struggle to trust others. The only way to help them is therefore to gradually gain their trust by showing them that they have nothing to fear. Before doing so, however, you must be really willing to build something solid and lasting because in addition to being difficult, they can be very vindictive, especially if they feel betrayed.

Sagittarius – Those who like to feel free
The real difficulty of those born under the sign of Sagittarius is not so much that of being able to love as that of finding the desire to bond with someone. Free spirits, more than anyone else they need their own space and the awareness of being able to put out into the deep at any time of their life. For this reason, the very idea of ​​joining someone creates in them a sort of anxiety that prevents them from letting go of their feelings, even leading them to row against them, to the point of ending up pushing anyone around them away, especially if clearly interested. Perhaps their only hope lies in meeting someone identical to them and with the same fears or someone who is able to make them want to embark on every possible new adventure as a couple.

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Aquarius – Those who turn out to be too cold and introspective
The natives of Aquarius find it hard to express their feelings and, especially in love, often end up closing in silences so long as to induce anyone in their midst to flee. In need of their own spaces and moments of absolute solitude, they can make people who try to stay close to them feel isolated, which over time only pushes everyone away, including those willing to build something lasting. Perhaps if they are really in love they can be able to smooth out the corners of their strange character. Time, however, will always lead them to retrace their steps and show this aspect of closure which they just can’t do without. A way of doing that those who love them will have to learn to accept because it will be really difficult, if not impossible, to make it disappear completely.

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