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Are you also in the ranking of the worst signs to have as colleagues? Let’s find out together with today’s horoscope ranking!

It happens to everyone, at times, to come across a very annoying colleague. Maybe it’s someone who always talks badly about you to the boss or someone who has no problem taking credit for your work!

Other times, however, the annoying colleague is someone who talks too much or who talks behind your back, or a person with whom, simply, you are not comfortable.
Would you believe it if we tell you that we have a ranking for even the worst zodiac signs to find in an office?
Needless to say, you don’t believe it: here it is! Let’s find out if you are also in this very special ranking.

The worst signs to have as colleagues at work: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Saying colleagues, often and willingly, is the same as saying problems.
In fact, there are people we know at work and who become our friends, perhaps even outside of working hours.
Others, on the other hand, seem like a real divine punishment sent to us from above to make us serve a sentence of which we have no idea.

Isn’t it that knowing the zodiac sign of your colleagues can help you avoid the most slacker and liars, as well as improve your life?
We really think we can help you with our horoscope ranking for today.

Let’s find out together what are the worst zodiac signs to have as colleagues and, above all, if you are also in this ranking and why! Here are the top five positions.

Aries: fifth position

Those born under the sign of Aries are extremely competitive people who hardly appreciate the successes of others.
For this reason, therefore, working together can become very complicated and exhausting!

Aries, in fact, are downright cutekind, and likable as long as they are in a position of power. If, however, you become better than him at something or get some just praise for your merits, you will become his worst enemy of him.
Jealousy and backbiting, with Aries in the workplace, are the order of the day!

Leo: a fourth position

Even those born under the sign of Leo are truly terrible colleagues. Leo, in fact, is a sign that he does not want to work to achieve results and expects everything to be simple and within reach.
Unfortunately, however, when Leo collides with reality, the others end up getting involved.

Leo is always a very aggressive person, who often raises his voice and loses his temper making the work environment truly suffocating.
Of course, then he apologizes and tries to find a solution but it always comes too late: being his colleague or subordinate of him is definitely difficult!

Cancer: third position

Those born under the sign of Cancer are very difficult colleagues. Cancer, in fact, is true as well as, generally, a person who takes everything very personally. Here, then, that working with them can easily become a nightmareCancer will never tell you that you are right but will always emphasize how badly you have treated him!

Dealing with Cancer in the workplace also means having to manage a whole series of dramas and small issues that Cancer will blow up beyond belief.
They are very unpleasant colleagues, especially when they take a dislike to you: even with those born with the sign of Cancer, in the workplace, it takes a lot of attention!

Gemini: second position

Unfortunately for them, those born under the sign of Gemini are truly intolerable colleagues. First and foremost, they would prefer to do whatever it takes to not work: they delegate their areas of expertise to others, are lazy, and try to compensate with working days in which they work hard, even if they do nothing for the rest of the month.

For Gemini, in fact, work is something absolutely uninteresting: they want to exert their fascination on others or, simply, take care of their interests that change from day to day.
In short, we are sorry to say that those born under the sign of Gemini are people who struggle to integrate into a good workgroup and who leave all the responsibilities to others.

When it comes to taking credit though, Gemini is at the forefront! Despotic and inconclusive, most of the time incompetent by choice, Gemini is truly a terrible colleague. Run away from them as soon as you can!

Libra: First place in the ranking of the worst signs to have as co-workers

In our ranking, in the first place, we find all those born under the sign of Libra. This is a sign with it is really difficult to work together and for so many reasons!
First of all, Libra is a sign that loves to laugh and joke as well as waste time … but only when he decides it!

Those born under this sign are the classic colleagues who talk to you laughing about their weekend, only to make a fool of you in front of the boss by saying that you chat too much during work hours.
Likewise, those born under the sign of Libra only believe in teamwork when it suits them.

In fact, Libra often takes credit for works in which she had a marginal role, bragging about it as her own work. When, on the other hand, she has worked hard on something, Libra makes sure that everyone knows that she has done everything herself and that no one has helped her (even if it is not true).

In short, it is a decidedly difficult sign to work with also and above all for his smile behind which there are really very harsh judgments about you.
Be careful!

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