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The Valentine Match of Your Dreams, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Back in the days of the ancient Roman Empire, legend has it that a Christian priest named Valentine was jailed by authorities after secretly performing illegal marriages between young lovers. While behind bars, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and sent her a letter he signed “from your Valentine” before he was killed.

He later became Saint Valentine, namesake of the year’s only holiday that focuses exclusively on love and romance. Asking someone to be your Valentine has become a custom celebrated worldwide.

Based on your zodiac sign, this is who your perfect Valentine would be for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already been with them for years, you just met them, or are only dreaming of someone exactly like this to suddenly emerge from the mist and spend the year’s most romantic day with you—this is the Valentine that you want.

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1. Aries

You want a Valentine who will hold your hand. That’s all. It doesn’t sound like much, but in this world, you need someone to hold your hand when it’s cold outside. When you’re worried about the future. When you’re sad. When you’re happy. When you’re sick. When you’re perfectly healthy and walking together. When you’re not sure whether the life-changing news you’re about to receive will be good or bad. You want a Valentine who will hold your hand and walk through this world with you.

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2. Taurus

You want a Valentine who’s a willing dance partner. And this extends far beyond the dance floor. You want someone who is willing to embrace you, stare into your eyes, say “I’m ready,” and start moving in rhythm with you through the ups and downs, the victories and defeats, the good times and the lean times, until the music stops playing.

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3. Gemini

You want a Valentine who doesn’t know how to lie. Someone who will tell you from the start if they’re in it for the casual hookup or the long-term. Someone who tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Someone who will tell you without hesitation what you’re doing right but will also tell you what you’re doing wrong without being mean. Someone who isn’t afraid to make themselves vulnerable by saying “I love you” first because, well, they honestly love you.

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4. Cancer

You want a Valentine with a heart as big as yours. Someone whose heart is shaped so that it snaps into place with your heart like a missing puzzle piece. Someone who will let you cry on their shoulder and isn’t afraid to cry on yours. Someone who listens to you talk about your worries, your fears, your mistakes, and your insecurities without storing them up to later be used against you as weapons. And hey, if they bought you some chocolates this Valentine’s Day that would be nice, too, so long as they come in a heart-shaped box.

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5. Leo

You want a Valentine who knows how to laugh. Someone who can take all of life’s sadness, injustice, heartache, frustration, and pain but somehow still wind up grinning. Someone who, just like a clown at a children’s hospital, can take the grimmest situation and still make everyone around them happy. Someone who, no matter whether everyone else has lost hope, still insists on seeing the silver lining in the clouds and the sunbeams that wait at the end of the darkest night.

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6. Virgo

You want a Valentine who is considerate. Someone who won’t laugh when you share painful memories and won’t keep interrupting you when you’re desperately trying to get something off your chest. Someone who keeps all their promises and avoids bringing up people and topics and memories that bother you. Someone who returns what they borrow and never asks for something they know you’re unable to provide. Someone who respects your boundaries and won’t crank up the TV or blast music when they know you need to sleep.

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7. Libra

You want a Valentine with an imagination. Someone who drives out onto some wilderness road and hikes up a mountain to pick you the prettiest flowers they can find rather than ordering a dozen roses from the flower shop at the last minute from their smartphone. Someone who draws a picture of the two of you canoeing on a moonlit lake rather than picking out some bland Valentine’s card from Hallmark. Someone who knows where you work and sneaks out in the middle of the night to spray-paint “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY—I LOVE YOU!” on a brick wall across from your office window.

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8. Scorpio

You want a Valentine who accepts your dark side. Someone who knows what it feels like to hurt, to seethe, to rage, and to feel completely abandoned and misunderstood. Someone who won’t judge you, because they know all too well what it’s like to be judged. Someone who realizes how nasty and vicious and hypocritical the world’s do-gooders can be. Someone who also knows that the people who are often ostracized and ridiculed and condemned as “bad” can be some of the best people in the world. You want a dark soulmate who doesn’t find you mysterious at all.

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9. Sagittarius

You want a Valentine who loves adventure. Someone who indulges your natural-born pioneer spirit and will tag along with you wherever you wish to take them. Someone who’ll be at your side as you lead them into the wild madness, fury, and danger of the night. Maybe it’ll be a walk on the beach. Or a stroll in the woods. Or a joyride down a fog-shrouded freeway a little bit over the speed limit. Or a last-minute plane ticket to someplace you’ve never been just for the hell of it.

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10. Capricorn

You want a Valentine who understands you. Someone who, from the moment you meet them, feels like an old friend. Someone who, no matter how long you know them, never makes you feel like a stranger. Someone who will finish your sentences because they know exactly what you’re thinking. Someone who never questions your needs but only tries to meet them. Someone who offers you advice rather than criticism. Someone who intuitively perceives your weaknesses and only tries to build you up rather than cut you down.

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11. Aquarius

You want a Valentine who trusts you. Someone who will stand in front of you facing away from you, close their eyes, and fall backward into your arms trusting that you will catch them. Someone who takes you at your word and never second-guesses you. Someone who never questions your motives and believes you when you explain why you showed up an hour late. Someone who can look in your eyes and knows intuitively that you always mean well.

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12. Pisces

You want a Valentine with a soul. Someone whose shimmering and eternal vibe hits you on a deeper level than cheap lust or a fleeting crush. Someone who makes you feel calm rather than worried or dizzy. Someone who’ll spend all night with you in a church or synagogue or mosque or even alone with you at your place staring into your eyes and understanding everything about you without having to say a word. Someone you can picture spending your life with—and even the afterlife

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