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The Unlikely Friendship For Each Zodiac (That Will Last For Life)

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Yes, it’s true that Aries has a strong personality. You know this, you live it. But who can relate to your grand ideas, your desire to see the world, and your vibrant heart, more than someone who also experiences it? It feels good to be truly understood, and I know you’ve been searching for so long. It’s closer than you think.

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I know what you’re thinking—no way could you be best friends with a Pisces. Hear me out: there’s a difference between dating and friendship. If you can stop clawing at each other’s throats for more than three seconds, and stop trying to close the space between your mouths, you’ll see there’s a lot to learn from each other.

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Sometimes, Gemini, you need someone to pull you out of your shell. You can talk a big game, but acting on it is another story. When you have a friend capable of corralling you into their adventures, taking you on a whirlwind of fresh experiences, you have no choice but to expand your horizons.

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You two are similar in more than just your capacity to feel. Scorpios, though they may seem self-absorbed at first, are really great listeners. Not only will they be your confidante, but they’ll remember what you say and then give you really good advice in return (which, frankly, we all know you need).

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Leo, you need a little water to cool yourself off. There’s no better sign to seek that from than a Cancer, who will not only keep you in check but make you question why you’re acting so fiery in the first place. There’s value in expressing your emotions, and especially important to have a safe place to do it.

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This isn’t a perfect friendship by any means. Inevitably you two will get on each other’s nerves, argue stubbornly about your beliefs, and disagree on the correct way to go about solving a problem. But at the heart of your relationship is this: you inspire one another to do better, to be better. Together you could change the world.

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It’s no secret that you need a little help with your decision-making, and that’s where a trusty Virgo comes into play. They won’t string you along or lie in order to protect your feelings. They’ll be blunt when it’s needed, and you’ll be able to trust them almost immediately. A little more groundedness never hurt anyone.

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With Capricorns, Scorpios finally meet their match. Often paired romantically, these two can also join together for a friendship of honesty, excitement, and meaning. These two signs move through the world in the same way, and both benefit from knowing that they aren’t alone. They understand each other.

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Leos won’t question you if you come to them with a wild, new opportunity or have an idea that others would scoff at. Though Leos are more sensitive than Sags, they’re down for anything and certainly won’t veto a suggestion of yours just because it’s unusual. Their shared desire to try new things binds them together.

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Earth signs tend to get along with other Earth signs, despite fundamental differences between them. Though Taurus is more tapped into their body’s needs than Capricorn, both signs are driven and tend to know exactly what they want. This reassurance makes for a solid relationship, impervious to any minor arguments.

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It’s notoriously difficult to get out of a conversation with a Gemini, but an Aquarius won’t want to. Aquariuses and Gemini are both known for being chatty, and you’d think combining them would be disastrous. In fact, the opposite is true: finally with someone who can debate for hours, when these signs feel free to be authentic when together.

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Pisces, you need someone that can bring you out of your own head and into reality, but not so harshly that it scares you back inside of yourself. Libras are perfect in this regard. Open to partying and having a good time but not so reckless that it comes off as dangerous, they’ll make you feel at home in places that surprise you.

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