Zodiac Signs

The Types of Lies You Tell Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries are arguably the worst liars of the zodiac. What you see is what you get. They tell it how it is and won’t sugarcoat the truth to protect your feelings. If you want unfiltered sincerity, ask an Aries.


Taurus may withhold sensitive information to keep the peace. In their minds, they’re not lying if they say nothing at all.


Geminis will lie as a means to cover their tracks. They backpedal when caught, but they have no problem spilling ALL the tea about other people’s lives. They are gossipers and highly skilled liars.


The sensitive and nurturing Crab will lie to protect their feelings and other people’s feelings. They cannot stand the thought of being the reason for someone else’s pain, so they lie to save face.


Leos lie by distracting others from the lie itself. They are great at deflecting and playing the blame game (even when they’re at fault).


Libra is most likely to lie by omission. They don’t want to cause tension, so they keep quiet as long as possible. They’d much rather hide essential story details than hurt someone’s feelings with the truth.


Virgos lie by manipulating others. They will skew the truth to “fix” matters or ensure situations play out in their favor.


Scorpios will lie to gain another person’s trust or achieve a goal. This derives from their need for control. They are skilled at drawing up false narratives and adhering to that story without a hiccup.


Sags are known for having no filter. They love telling stories in great detail and embellishing the truth to make the narrative more compelling. They lie by exaggerating to impress others.


Capricorns are not liars by nature. They believe that truth-telling is a virtue. A Capricorn will only lie if it’s insignificant and harmless to themselves and others.


Aquarians lie by staying neutral in every and any situation. They pretend they have no opinion and will not share their thoughts.


Pisces lie by creating a different version of reality. They’ll say whatever they have to prove their point. Often they’ll lie so much they start to believe their tales.

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