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The thing that every zodiac sign hates about men

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Here’s what you just can’t stand in men.

We continue our journey into the world of feelings, trying to explore the feminine side of each of us and what each zodiac sign cannot bear in men. There are always aspects of others that are difficult for us to understand or accept. Sides of character that we often find unbearable for no real reason and that, despite our best efforts, we fail to please ourselves. This, although it may seem strange, largely depends on the influence that the stars have on us, characterizing aspects of the character that make us more or less compatible with other people. An aspect that, inevitably, will also and above all involve our ascendant and that it is good to know in order not to be caught unprepared in the face of sometimes unexpected reactions that we may have in front of the attitudes of others. So, today we will discover what every woman just can’t stand in men, especially in those who represent possible partners.

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The thing that every zodiac sign hates about men

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Aries – Those Who Don’t Pay You The Right Attention
When dealing with others, the thing that matters most to you is to feel the center of attention. For this reason, the thing you tolerate least in a man is self-celebration which in your eyes is a way like any other to take away space. Narcissists, therefore, are not good for you at all, and just hearing them brag about their prowess could give you a migraine. After all, as men, they should know that in the presence of a woman the only right thing to do is to make her feel beautiful and desired, right?

Taurus – I know it all

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In life you like to have your certainties and focus only on the goals you choose to pursue. For this reason you can’t stand the classics, I know everything, those who think they have the answer to every problem and who love to talk about everything as if they knew it better than their own pockets. To get along with you, you need curious people who are always ready for dialogue and, in particular in men, you are looking for confrontation, without which you do not have the right incentives to feel the slightest interest. A detail that, unfortunately, not everyone is always able to grasp.

Gemini – Those too serious

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It’s true, you are basically a person who changes his mood too easily, managing to go from serious to joking in a matter of seconds. If there’s one thing you don’t really like, though, it’s taking too much seriousness in others. As complicated as life can be, in fact, you prefer to surround yourself with people equipped with self-irony and able to take things lightly, making everything more enjoyable. On the other hand, those who for too seriousness tend to make everything heavier, you just can’t handle them enough to find yourself forced to distance yourself from them every time you happen to cross them.

Cancer – Those who do not know how to make you feel loved
For you, feeling loved is everything and, for this reason, you need a man who knows how to woo you every day as if he were the first, making you feel irresistible and filling you with compliments. Those who are afraid of appearing weak by expressing their emotions or who by nature are not inclined to compliment are not at all suitable for you. Indeed, on the one hand you blame them and on the other you just can’t stand them. For you, a man who does not know how to woo, in fact, is absolutely not admissible.

Leo – Men who are too square

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As a natural leader you are, in life you elbow and fight for your results. An aspect that also involves you particularly from the working point of view and that makes you appreciate men who know how to be distracted, reminding you that in life there are also other things to enjoy. Men who are too precise or dedicated to work, therefore, are not for you. Ok to be serious and precise but when you are in your free time you expect lightness and fun, essential to recharge before the start of a new day.

Virgo – Unpredictable men

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In life you need order and for this reason you can’t stand men who show themselves unpredictable. Never knowing what awaits you or, worse, living knowing that you can find yourself in the middle of a surprise at any moment is something that tires you and stresses you equally. For this reason, you always try to surround yourself with precise and predictable people, who are easy to manage and who do not reserve you sudden changes in schedules. It goes without saying that even in love you expect the same things and that for this reason you cannot stand those who try to constantly get you out of your path.

Libra – Those full of themselves

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You like humility and the ability to know what they want from life without invading that of others. Men who show themselves full of themselves, therefore, do not like you at all. You find them cheeky and unsuitable to accompany you in everyday life. For you, in fact, life is made up of beautiful things to admire and moments to live fully in order to be able to make beautiful memories. A man who only thinks about himself or his actions would end up ruining the atmosphere, spoiling your mood and starting a relationship made up of constant arguments. Which is definitely best avoided.

Scorpio – Who sees love differently from yours

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In life you tend to be a precise person and more than aware of what they want. When it comes to feelings, for you, what really matters is the teamwork and the alchemy that is created between people. For this reason, you cannot conceive of a relationship between people with different ways of understanding feelings. Your ideal man must have the same ambitions as you and walk by your side, becoming your only accomplice. Anyone who doesn’t have these characteristics is just a waste of time for you and dealing with them makes you pretty nervous. After all, who wants to waste time on important things like love?

Sagittarius – The possessive ones
In love, as well as in everyday life, you are a free spirit. For this reason, if there is one thing you just don’t tolerate, it’s having people around who try to control you or limit you in your way of being. Jealous or possessive men, therefore, are not for you and their mere presence can give you a bad mood. By your side you need people who are self-confident and able to accept and share your way of being. Alternatively, you’d rather be alone than bond with someone you already know you couldn’t handle for more than a few hours.

Capricorn – Those who need reassurance

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There is nothing more important to you than safety. So, even in love you tend to look for people who are able to give it to you. By your side you want a man who can make you feel safe and guide you when you feel lost but without being overwhelming. The thing you least tolerate in a man is therefore a lack of self-confidence or an underlying weakness. These are characteristics that you just can’t stand in the male gender and that can make you appear unpleasant as well, so much is the desire to push away those who have them. To make you happy, you need a man in one piece, someone who knows how to love and watch over you from afar, without suffocating you but at the same time giving you the security you so long for. A difficult undertaking and, therefore, for a few.

Aquarius – Those distracted

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In a couple relationship you are looking for a sort of silent cohesion and for which no explanations are needed. For you, loving means living in a system of tacit rules that alone are enough to keep the relationship alive. To achieve this, it is necessary that on the other side there is a person who is attentive to your needs and able to grasp your every emotion at first glance. For this reason, you can’t stand those who are perpetually distracted or too busy with their things to look after you and your needs. Yours is such an impatience that when you think you have grasped these characteristics in someone, you do not hesitate to push them away, starting again to look around you immediately, in search of the right person.

Pisces – Those lacking in romance
As a highly romantic person as you are, what you least tolerate in a man, especially if it is someone who is courting you, is the lack of romance. For you, every little gesture, every look and every situation should be enveloped in an aura of romance that can make you daydream. Love, for you, is the oil that turns the difficult wheel of the world and without which nothing makes sense. Unromantic or overly practical men therefore represent your nemesis so much that they stay far away from him and not be afraid to point out your dislike. To find the right man, after all, it is better to make space by immediately discarding those who you already know are not doing well, right?

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