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The thing not to do when you are dating someone, According to your Zodiac Sign

Some things should never be done when dating someone new. Here’s what your forbidden move is based on your zodiac sign.

When you are interested in a person and choose to start dating, you may make some wrong moves that can lead to the end of the relationship in the long run. Often these are ways of doing that we implement almost without realizing it but that in the long run can tire those around us. Realizing this is a good way to try to solve things and to work on your ways of doing it in order not to repeat them over and over again. After all, some are often almost automatic and it would take a little effort to learn how to avoid them. But what are these ways of doing it? Everyone has their own which may depend on the character, on the experiences lived, or on previous sentimental traumas.

Among these, however, there are ways of behaving that are often also linked to the influence that the stars have on us. what is it that the zodiac signs demand too much in love and which are the signs of the zodiac with the greatest Christmas spirit, we will find out what each sign should not do at the beginning of a love affair. Since we are dealing with feelings, the advice is always to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the mistakes that are made and how, eventually, to improve.

Astrology – The thing not to do when you are dating someone new

Aries – Making you want yourself too much
That you are a woman who never has to ask is well-known and your way of life speaks for itself. When it comes to feelings, however, there are attitudes that, especially in the early days of a relationship, can be difficult to understand, confusing the other person and ending up giving different or even opposite results to those desired. In your case, the most incorrect action you usually take is to make yourself want too much by letting the other person chase you, woo you, and move around in search of you. If those who know you find this almost normal, for those who are dealing with you for the first time, there is the risk of strong misunderstandings. For example, your partner may think that you are not that interested or that you are looking for a way to let him know that you want to quit. Which could lead to him making the next move, looking around for someone who can respond to his moves. The advice of the stars is therefore not to make yourself want too much and to respond to at least one gesture out of three. Just the bare minimum to make it clear that you are there, that you are interested in deepening the bond, and that you also have a lot to give.

Taurus – Throwing out hard-to-understand signals
When you are at the beginning of a story, you don’t usually let yourself go, even when you are more involved than you would like. It is your way of being that is mixed with the fear of facing bitter disappointments. For this reason, you prefer to take small steps so as not to create illusions and not to make your true feelings understood. So far it could also be all understandable. However, there is a problem with your baby steps. These are so imperceptible as to create confusion in those around you and so it is difficult to understand if you are interested in a relationship or if you are thinking more about a beautiful friendship. In other words, you should learn to modify the signals you send by making them at least a little more direct and specific, so as not to leave doubts in those who are interested in you, and wish to come forward with more conviction. It is not a question of openly saying how involved you are but of putting in place at least the basics of flirting, which suggests that you are thinking about the possibility of seeing what a relationship could be like.

Gemini – Being too direct
Your problem when you are starting a romantic relationship with someone? You tend to get a little too enthusiastic, acting in ways that are often too instinctive, and thus risk frightening those around you. In love, there is a time for everything and it is good to try not to burn the steps that serve to get to the point of arrival. So, even if you are sure of the feelings on the other side, you should try hard not to rush. No sudden kisses and fewer effusions, not to mention the “I love you” for which it is always good to wait a bit, to be safe. It is true, you are an instinctive person who loves to express immediately what he feels but it would not be nice, for once, to enact the magic of mystery. The alternative is to find a softer way to express yourself so that you give the other person a chance to respond little by little and let you know how fast they want to go. In this way, you can be spontaneous without risking upsetting those around you who have yet to learn to know you and understand your impulses given by the enthusiasm that distinguishes you.

Cancer – Ask immediately about the extent of his or her feelings
A mistake you often make when you meet someone you like is to assume that they are always on the same page as you and that you feel what you feel at the same time. Between different people, however, even the times of love and feelings tend to vary and this means that while you are ready to say I love you, the other person may still be struggling with their feelings. Starting immediately in fourth place and asking if and how much he loves you is therefore a move that should be avoided and postponed at least after the first official declaration of this feeling. After all, there are many ways to understand how he feels about you and it will be enough to observe him when not seen to understand from the light in his eyes if the feeling is already ripe or if he still needs some time. True, for an impatient person like you, waiting is never pleasant. Doing so, however, will certainly help you better manage to date the person you like, increasing the chances of the story going through.

Leo – To wait too long
In life, you like to always be the center of attention and you expect others to always be ready to play your game. However, some rules, when feelings are at stake, always change a little and in your case, they may need something different. One thing you never think about is for example the impression of a self-confident woman that you pass on to others and that could intimidate someone to the point of making them take some time to step forward. And while it is true that you want someone by your side who is strong enough to woo you without any problem, it is also true that sometimes to see that push you need to take a small step showing at least a little interest. Only in this way can you be sure if it is appropriate to try and carry on a relationship or if it is better to stop even before it leaves.

Virgo – Being too much on yours
One of the problems you have in relationships and, consequently, also in love is that of staying often on yours, especially when things are not well defined. If on the one hand, you act like this for fear of making a mistake, on the other you can only appear to be a proud person who puts his foot down stubbornly not wanting to show if and what he deprives. An attitude that could be misinterpreted by those around you, leading even the most interested person in the world to distance themselves. The advice of the stars, therefore, is to open up a little more, arriving if it serves to externalize even your feelings and to make it clear that you are ready to carry on a relationship, at least to see how far it can go. We are not talking about declarations of love or staging who knows what feelings but simply showing yourself open to the other person instead of double-ended as if you didn’t care at all to know them better. A difference that can make a lot.

Libra – Don’t always and only act in public
Sometimes you’re being withdrawn leads you to act differently than you would expect and this, especially at the beginning of a relationship, can be confusing, leading the other person to ask questions about you. An example? When you’re dating someone you tend to be a little chilly in private, only to melt a little more in public. Although your attentions are only on those you like, it is easy for the other side to ask a question about your real intentions. Those who are interested in you would like to see you smiling when you are alone and not only when there are other people among you, otherwise, the risk is to make people believe they just want a good friendship. The advice of the stars in this sense is to try a little harder to be in private as in public and not to get caught up in shyness or reserve which in these cases can be enemies of the relationship that is still growing. A little effort can make so much, especially at the beginning of the story.

Scorpio – Don’t play alone
When you like someone you want everything to go perfectly and this leads you to try to plan everything, playing not only your moves but also those of the person you are interested in. In this way, however, you run both the risk of not being able to know who you are next to and that of confusing him. When it comes to feelings, it is essential that things take their course and that both sides dictate the pace. A game played alone is never a good start and risks muddying the waters leading to missteps or misunderstandings that could be avoided simply by waiting for the other person to move. True, all of this may be nerve-wracking in your eyes but try to see it as a game. Isn’t it nice to let yourself go to the heart-pounding anxieties of a feeling that has just blossomed instead of making it immediately something safe and of which you have full control? For once it would almost be worth a try, right?

Sagittarius – You go too far
When you like someone you always tend to exaggerate by showing yourself too uninhibited and sometimes playing excessively with your femininity. Always remember that every person is different from others and that for once, there may be someone by your side who likes to be involved differently. The secret to not making mistakes? Just really see who is in front of you, trying to get to know him better before making your move. In this way, you will know what to expect and you will not run the risk of making rash moves and being able to scare or put on another path those who, until a moment before, had every intention of getting to know you better and starting something with you. Sometimes, it is enough to move at the right time to completely change the fate of a story.

Capricorn – You look too much into the future
The move you tend to get wrong most often when you’re still at the beginning of a relationship is to go too far with the fantasy. Not that this is forbidden but it would be better not to share thoughts with the other person. Talking about a future together when you are still in the initial stages is, for example, a rash move that can scare and push those who usually take small steps to flee to see first how things are going. Instead of daydreaming, then, it would be more helpful to focus on the present, enjoying what you have without going too far with your thoughts. The council of the stars? Focus on what to do day by day and avoid talking about mutual friends, family lunches, or traveling together.

Aquarius – You alienate yourself too much
True, for you, feeling free is one of the most important things in the world. However, there are situations in which before imposing your need for space on others you should learn to make yourself known so as not to give the idea of ​​being someone who is looking for an excuse to end a relationship that has not yet started. When you are in the delicate phase of acquaintance with someone, withdrawing and turning down an invitation to dinner to stay at home reading is for example a wrong move, which generates confusion and which can give the idea that you are not very interested. Unless this is the case, therefore, it is always better to get to know each other, perhaps accepting the invitation to the cinema without adding dinner and gradually finding compromises that suggest your desire to go slow but without yours. seem like attempts to close.

Pisces – You are too melodramatic
Let’s face it, you like dramas as much as you would love to be the protagonist of a love story similar to the ones you read in the novels that fascinate you so much. Putting so much passion into a story right away, however, can end up frightening those around you into thinking there will never be quiet moments. Although it is right to test the waters to be sure of having someone next to you who can excite you and make you dream as you deserve, it is also right to give the time to take the measures with the novelty of the story of two and with you that you are surely a rich person. of surprises but therefore also very demanding. You just have to act slowly and put aside the dramas and jealousies that you sometimes love to foment yourself to make things go better. And if it’s great to love.

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