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The Surprising Place Each Zodiac Will Meet Their Soulmate, According To A Tarot Reader

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Your card: 9 of Swords

You’ll find your soulmate if you look to the edges of a party. They’re the one hovering around the pet or standing at the food table. If they came with someone, they likely won’t leave their side. Your soulmate is the anxious one leaving the party early. Your big personality will complement their shy nature perfectly.

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Your card: King of Wands

Your soulmate is the one hustling to make it to the top of their profession. Hard workers are hard to find because they’re always at the office. Find them instead at the gym in the early mornings before work. Look for the one with the expensive haircut.

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Your card: Ace of Pentacles

Head to the library or your favorite bookstore. Ask them about the book their reading and go from there. Your soulmate has quiet intensity and some seriously big brains. But move slowly or you might spook them away.

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Your card: Justice

The next time you have jury duty, don’t try to weasel your way out of it. Head to court in your best outfit and charm your way on the jury. You might just be spending the next few weeks sitting next to your soulmate–and hopefully you’ll be on the same page about the guilt of the defendant.

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Your card: Knight of Pentacles

This person is a hard worker, nose to the grindstone. They barely ever look up from their computer long enough to notice the people around them. So you’ll find your soulmate at the coffee shop in the morning as they load up on caffeine before power-working. Ask about their job and you’ve got your in.

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Your card: The Hermit

It’s going to be hard to find your soulmate, Virgo, since they never seem to leave the house. But they do leave when they want to get their dog some exercise. Hang around the dog park long enough and you’ll spot them.

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Your card: 7 of Wands

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Check your DMs. You might already know your soulmate. They’re the one who hasn’t given up on their crush just yet. But make sure you pick the one who is sincere, and not the creepy stalker. They can sometimes look very similar.


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Your card: Page of Pentacles

Take a class. Something hands on like a woodworking class. You’ll find your soulmate there, working with their hands and demonstrating some serious skills. They’re probably the teacher’s pet, but that’s okay. It just means they’re eager to please.


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Your card: Death

The death card doesn’t really mean literal death. I’m not going to tell you to find your soulmate in a graveyard. Instead, this card is about change. You know where else change happens? The hair salon. Go find someone with a new haircut and compliment the heck out of it. (And leave the cemetery as a last resort.)


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Your card: Queen of Cups

Your soulmate is a compassionate person who likes taking care of people and animals. Volunteer at the humane society or some other local charity and look for the person with the biggest heart.


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Your card: The Emperor

Your soulmate is an authority figure. If you’re looking for your sexy priest ala Fleagbag, you’re the zodiac most likely to find him. Or you could just get arrested for something minor and fall in love with the cop who arrests you. It’s your call.


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Your card: 7 of Pentacles

You already know your soulmate. They’ve been in your life for the long haul. Look for them in your friend group or in your list of acquaintances. It’s time for your friends-to-lovers story arc

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