Zodiac Signs

The Secret to Attracting Luck, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Let other people in your life make decisions sometimes. When you’re not leading everyone, you might be led into lucky situations you never would have expected.

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Do little things to get out of your comfort zone. Even just taking a different route home from work could be enough to lead you right where you need to be.

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Make a plan and stick to it. It might feel counterintuitive to be so rigid, but you never know what might happen while you’re on your journey.

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Keep negative forces out of your life, especially when it comes to toxic people. If you surround yourself with positive vibes, good things will come your way.

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Go with the flow. If plans start changing and the night doesn’t end up the way you thought it would, you’ll find luck in the little exciting moments that you never see coming.

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Give your overactive brain a break. While so many things in life seem important, they’re rarely as dire as you give them credit for. When you release them, you open up your mind for manifesting much better things.

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Keep up your positive attitude even when things get tough. Good luck comes to those with good energy, and you’re luckily brimming with it more than some other signs on this list. Just keep being your positive self.

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All you need to do is believe in good luck and it’ll find you. Your cynical nature as you believing that you attract only bad luck, but that’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Let inspiration guide you. You have a powerful muse and are great at letting go and following your instincts. Your best luck comes from going with the flow and being open to new experiences.

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Admit to yourself that you don’t know as much as you think. While your empathy skills are top notch, that doesn’t mean you’re all-knowing. By accepting what you don’t know, you leave yourself open to finding things you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

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Learn about the people around you. Ask them about their interests and pasts. Your good luck will come from opening yourself to the people who make your life fulfilling.

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Keep gossip to a minimum. While venting is understandable and often needed, it gets sketchy when what you’re saying is mean. By skipping gossip, you’ll skip the bad luck that can come from iffy karma.

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