Zodiac Signs

The Red Flag That Each Zodiac Ignores In Relationships


It’s no secret that Aries loves a good chase. They want to feel like they’re a prize to be attained by someone worthy of their excellence. The biggest red flag they’ll ignore is choosing someone who sends mixed signals.


The key to a Taurus’ heart is spoiling them rotten with gifts and affection. This often leads them to be with someone who treats relationships as a business transaction. The biggest red flag Taurus ignores is by dating someone incapable of filling their emotional needs.


For a Gemini, communication is paramount, especially regarding dating. They love feeling reassured that their partner is always thinking about them. A big red flag they may ignore is when their significant other becomes distant or aloof. They chalk it up to nothing personal when it indicates something more profound.


The crab is a compassionate sign. They give naturally and always want their loved ones to be happy and healthy. A red flag they often ignore in relationships is their significant other being too nosy or invasive of their privacy.


Leo loves to be the center of attention and wants to be worshiped by their partner. A red flag they often ignore in relationships is when their partner doesn’t put in the effort or make them a priority. Leo sees this as a challenge to win over their affection and feel worthy again.


Libra is all about finding their happily ever after. Their idea of love becomes clouded, and they may be more likely to fall victim to love bombing early on.


Virgo shows much of their love through acts of service. They love feeling needed and valuable to their partner. This often leads them to date people who need to be “fixed” or “saved.” A red flag they often ignore in relationships is when their partner needs them more than they want.


When Scorpio gives their heart to someone, they go all in. The biggest red flag they ignore while dating is dismissing dealbreakers. If their values don’t align with their partner, they deflect and defer from it together instead of discussing it.


Sagittarians are known to be free-spirited and adventurous. They require a partner who brings them back to Earth when they need grounding. They ignore the biggest red flag by dating the “bad boy.” They sit on a fine line between danger and being edgy, a turn-on for a Sag.


Capricorns are all about growth and potential in every aspect of life. They often get into relationships with somebody who doesn’t want the same commitment they wish. Their partner continually avoids conversations about the future and gives them little to no reassurance that their feelings are reciprocated.


Aquarius’ biggest red flag they ignore while their partner is isolating dating. They ignore the signs that their relationship dynamic is skewed and their partner won’t allow them to see friends or family anymore.


Pisces tend to fall for people who are complex and somewhat mysterious. They mask their deep emotional wounds by bonding over past traumas. The biggest red flag Pisces ignores is dating people who are emotionally unavailable or using them to get over an ex.

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