Zodiac Signs

The Red Flag Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Themself

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You’re proud of your quick temper because it comes with a swift and biting wit. You aren’t the one laying awake at night coming up with all the things you wish you’d said. Instead, you have all of your comebacks at the ready as soon as you need them, for better or worse.

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You love your stubbornness. Honestly, you think most people could stand to be a little more stubborn. Because you stand your ground, you get what you want more often than someone who gives up and gives in. And what’s so bad about that?

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You love your chaotic energy. People complain about how you can be all over the place, flipping your moods on a dime, but guess what? Life is more fun that way. You’d keep your twin chaos way before you’d ever choose to be one of the other boring signs.

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You love that you’re sensitive. Other people might call you “too sensitive” but is there even such a thing? Instead, it’s like a superpower. You can sense how other people are feeling as soon as you walk into a room.

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You need to be the center of attention, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. If standing out is a crime, then they’ll just have to lock you up. An existence where you just fade into the background sounds like a nightmare to you.

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You don’t see anything wrong with striving for perfection. Deep down you know that there’s no such thing as “perfect,” but what’s the harm in trying to get as close as possible? You’d rather have everything in its place than live a life of chaos.

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You like that you overthink everything. Sure, it can cause some anxiety sometimes–and make it take forever to send one text–but what’s the alternative? Barreling through life without thinking of the consequences? No, thank you.

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You like that you’re hard to get to know. While you may not be erecting the walls around your heart on purpose, at least it has the cool side effect of making you seem mysterious. It means that you don’t need to try too hard to make friends. They come to you.

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You love that you’re hard to pin down. It’s hard for you to sit still, so it only makes sense that you’re not exactly the monogamous type. However, you do know that if you do settle down someday, it’s because you’ve truly found your soulmate.

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You don’t mind when people complain that you think you know everything. I mean, you’ve proven time and time again that your suggestions and ideas were spot on. Maybe people should finally start taking your advice, huh?

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You like that you’re a workaholic. It’s how you were able to afford the lifestyle you have now. And really, the idea of just sitting around doing nothing makes you feel itchy.

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You love being a gossip. It’s not like you’re trying to start drama or anything, but if drama exists, you want to hear about it. It makes a boring life so much more fun. You’re just the only one who’s willing to admit it.

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