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The Reason Why He Will Marry You, According To Astrology

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Aries, he’s going to see something in you that he’s not seen in anyone else. You will be the one that will drive him to the brink of his limits, and he will be able to experience life more profoundly with you. You will be the individual that will show him that life is perfect and that even the positive and bad things that happen need to be embraced.

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Due to the warm sensation that you are making him know, he will want you, Taurus. Love feels at home with you, and that’s something he doesn’t want to lose. He is mindful of the fact that things have begun to get better since you came into his life, and your sense of humor and that beautiful smile melt his heart every time he sees you. But he knows, deep down, that you are the woman to marry, and the one worth waiting for.


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Gemini, he chose to marry you because, in his life, you have made too many good changes. He would be so lonely and miserable without you and would not enjoy living as he is now. At any moment, you are a human eager for adventure and that is what he loves the most. It is for this reason that he needs to cherish you and share his entire life loving you.


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Cancer, he decides to get you married because you’ve shown him the real deal. Through you, with his own suffering, he began to feel much happier and learned several ways in his life to resolve issues. You’re there to remind him everything’s going to be all right and to give him your love. This is a woman he needs to have next to him, and he’s going to sacrifice anything to keep you safe.


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Leo, looked like he was born once again when you entered his world. He learned new stuff about himself and he discovered that if you smile at it, life will smile at you. For you, every question is solvable, and every speed bump is only an obstacle. In order to find a wife who would be loyal and caring just like you are, this man wants to marry you. He doesn’t want to miss you, so the way you deserve, he treats you.


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Virgo, wishes to live the rest of his life with you because, after such a long time, he finally found the happiness with you that he was looking for. Through you, he learned that, along with the world, he could discover himself more. He discovered that if we actually pay attention to them, there are so many things we can appreciate. And then, because he’s never been so good with anybody else, he needs to be with you.


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Libra, likes the glow when you talk about what you love. He loves the way you approach situations without having to wait for support from him. You’re a good and independent woman for him, who knows what she wants out of life? And most of all, he likes the fact that you have selected him as your partner in life.


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Scorpio, he knows that, in all your lives, you are striving to make all things easier and that you are a perfectionist. Since he is not good at coordinating and really wants someone to guide him, he needs a woman like you. He has no trouble giving you credit for what you’ve done and he thinks you’re a remarkable lady. He needs to share the majority of his life with you because of that.


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Sag, he knows you’re a person who loves the small stuff in life. You don’t dwell on tangible things but on emotional ones.   He’s happy to share the rest of his time with you, and he knows he’s not going to have all the fun with someone else that you owe him. Your positivity and smile would make your day and that is the point of any connection at the end of the day.


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Cap, he chose to marry you because, every day, he thinks you’re doing something positive for him. A fresh start is a new day, where you show him that life is a wonderful experience and you need to love it. He likes your faith and courage to deal with all the challenges you have in life. He doesn’t think you’re a quitter, because that’s the kind of woman in his life that he wants beside him.


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Aquarius. He wants to marry you because he loves what you do. He loves to see that such a decent and fair individual is a woman he is in love with and that is one of the biggest reasons why he is with you. He discovered from you that he shouldn’t sweat the little stuff and that there are other things he should improve. He knows that a life with you will be all but dull and that you will learn to deal with life issues in simple ways on that journey.


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Pisces, he feels with you that any human being should do a lot to enrich their loved ones’ lives. He knows that he’ll learn from you that good stuff can’t just happen immediately and that with everything that you do, you need to put an effort in. He learned that with all the opportunities of his life, he should be thankful and that he should not take people for granted. He needs to keep you in his life because of all this good stuff, telling him that we should really have a love for all those who are important in our world.

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