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The Reason He Disappeared, Based On His Birth Month

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You weren’t wise enough for him and you didn’t have a perfect 10-year plan for yourself. Those who are born in January love people who know what they want and are trying to make things happen.

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They’re very practical and they don’t settle down easily, but when they do, it has to be with someone on the same page and someone who understands how important it is to plan things in advance. Going with the flow is not their cup of tea.


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You were probably too reserved or too cautious. February men are known for their spontaneous and adventurous nature, and they want someone who can keep up with their ever-changing interests and hobbies and someone who loves to enjoy life as much as they do. If you were too timid or stuck in your ways, they probably saw that pretty quickly and ran away.


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You weren’t expressive enough and you weren’t comfortable with your vulnerability. They can’t stand emotionally unavailable people or people who are too cool to show their emotions or express how they really feel. They love having deep and intimate conversations that can go on for hours, so if you played it cool or if you were talking about shallow things, he will not hang out with you again.


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You weren’t confident or strong enough for him. Those born in April are confident and bold and they can intimidate a lot of people, so if you were too careful around him or if you were easily intimidated by his charm or his lifestyle, he probably didn’t see any future with you. He’s all about his ‘image’ and he wants someone who can make him look good at all the VIP events he goes to. He wants someone talkative and confident, but also someone who doesn’t steal his thunder.


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You were too judgmental or high-maintenance for him. He hates people who make life harder than it already is and he’s always taking care of a hundred different things, so the last thing he needs is to be with someone who makes a big deal out of things and doesn’t enjoy the simpler things in life. He wants someone to appreciate his efforts instead of trying to find faults in him and his behavior. Complaining too much or being too demanding will only push him away.


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You didn’t make an effort with his friends and family. His friends or his close circle mean the world to him and they’re always involved in his life, so if you weren’t warm with them or if you didn’t try to be part of his circle too, he probably took that as a sign that you’re not compatible because he wants someone to naturally blend in with his friends and family. After all, he believes this should be effortless and he wants to be able to bring his partner to all his gatherings without having to worry if you’ll get along with them or not.


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You weren’t romantic enough for him. July men are dreamers and they love big romantic gestures. They’re all about coming up with romantic ideas and leaving love notes everywhere in the house. They also love texting all day long and sending flirty messages, so if you’re not a texter and you keep your emotions to yourself, he probably lost interest and thought that you will never meet his extra romantic needs.


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You weren’t boosting his ego enough. They have a big ego and they love praise, compliments, and anything that makes them feel like they’re on top of the world and the best partner ever. If you didn’t make him feel like he’s the best man in the world or if you challenged him and occasionally made fun of him, he probably disappeared the next day because he can’t tolerate anyone who does not make him feel wanted, adored, respected, and cherished.


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You weren’t marriage material or you wanted to keep things casual. Those born in September don’t get attached very easily, but when they do, they want it to last forever. They believe in commitment and they want to get married and have their own family ASAP. If you were giving him a lot of mixed signals or you weren’t so sure if you wanted to get married and have kids, he probably saw no future with you and decided to end it sooner than later.


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You probably friend-zoned him for a very long time. He’s used to playing that game very well—he never rejects anyone—but he friendzones a lot of people who are interested in him, so it takes one to know one. If he felt that you liked him more as a friend and if you did not see him as more than that, then he’s going to run because he knows how it’s all going to end.


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You showed interest too soon and you didn’t play hard to get. November men love to hunt, and they love the chase, so if you were too available or if you showed too much interest in him from the get-go, he probably got turned off very quickly because you ended the game for him too soon and now there’s nothing for him to work for or ‘pursue.’ If it were up to him, he’d prolong the early talking stage and keep trying to win you over because that’s his favorite part of dating.


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You got jealous very easily and you didn’t give him enough space. Those born in December are social butterflies, and they have a lot of friends from the opposite sex, so if you got jealous of all his female friends and if you wanted him to be with you 24/7, chances are he felt suffocated and constricted, which is something he hates. He wants to have his freedom and be able to mingle with anyone without feeling that he’s crossing any lines or upsetting you. He also doesn’t get jealous very easily and he trusts his partner, so he expects the same from you too.

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