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The Quality Each Zodiac Needs In Their Once-In-A-Lifetime Partner

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A common misconception about you is that because you’re more on the dominant side, you want a submissive partner. Not true! You’re attracted to strong people. You want someone to challenge and keep up with you, not simply someone who acquiesces to your every need.

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You’re cautious when it comes to love and move slowly. You won’t be the one diving head first. Rather, you like to tip-toe into your feelings. You can’t be rushed at it either. For you, building a solid friendship is key. You’re looking for someone incredibly trustworthy and safe. If someone is too aggressive or tries to push you into something before you’re ready, you’ll retreat.

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You need someone who isn’t overly sensitive. Your nature can be confusing to some, and anyone who gets offended easily will have a hard time understanding you. Your ideal match is someone witty and with a thirst for exploring. You’re excited by the thought of someone you can have unlimited adventures with.

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You truly enjoy romance. You want someone to court you and make you feel special. Honesty is also incredibly important to you. You need someone willing to reassure you of their love and commitment. You’re attracted to a certain sense of stability.

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One of the cool things about you is how confident and self-assured you are. You’ve always known what you want and never shy away from speaking about it. You prefer to be in more affectionate relationships. You like your partner to actively show their love – be it through physical actions or verbal affirmation.

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You’d love to date a bookworm. You often escape into literary worlds and the idea of having someone to share that with is incredibly appealing. Ideally, you’d find someone who encourages you to come out of your shell while also respecting your introverted tendencies. A real yin and yang.

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You’re very into someone who makes a genuine effort – emotionally and physically. You love people who can hold your attention. Cerebral action is incredibly alluring to you. You do well with individuals who are smart and interested in opening up.

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What’s a relationship? His

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You love your freedom. It’s super important anyone you get involved with understands that. You’re never going to be someone who loses themselves in a relationship. You strive to always be the best you possible and if someone complements that, sure, fantastic. Your perfect partner gives you the right amount of space while also encouraging your goals.

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Responsibility and accountability are two huge things you look for in people. You are goal-oriented and don’t want to waste your time on someone childish.

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You’re instantly turned off by materialism or overt narcissism. The right person will stimulate your mind with philosophical conversations.

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Because you’re such a dreamer, it’s key for you to be with a long-term partner who grounds you a bit. The right match for you will strike a balance between playfulness and creativity while ALSO being realistic about the things you tend to gloss over.

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