Zodiac Signs

The Quality Each Zodiac Admires The Most In Others



Aries are drawn to those who can forgive and be merciful when wronged. Their tempers and loyalties can make retaliation a reflex, so when they see someone who is capable of waiting for a beat before deciding their next move and deciding to be the bigger person, they admire the ability to take others’ experiences into consideration alongside one’s own.


Being soft-spoken.

In a world filled with luxury, Tauruses cross paths with divas, name droppers, showoffs, and people who work the system by complaining, so those who take the high road earn their respect. They admire those who can lead through love instead of fear, and get what they want by asking calmly and stating their case in a collected manner.



Geminis can feel weighed down by a schedule of their own choosing, so when they encounter individuals who know how to relax and unwind, they feel inspired. They admire those who can choose not to sweat the small stuff, not because they’re privileged, but because they have perspective. Tasks really can be pushed to the next day in the name of work-life balance.



Cancers get a bad rap for being guarded, but they are usually under the assumption that others won’t be able to understand or empathize with their plight. That, or they don’t want to trouble others. So the quality they admire is communication. The confidence it takes to clearly state your feelings and point of view, regardless of your audience.



Leos admire people who have the self-esteem and self-awareness to create stability in their lives. Leos can be people pleasers, and thrive on the high of social interaction, so they constantly need entertainment and attention. They admire those who don’t, those who can stand on their own two feet, satisfied with the life they’ve built around them.



Virgos can dish it, but they can also take it, and actively want to. It’s no fun to make a jab at someone who isn’t quick enough to quip back. Virgos want a rival, a worthy opponent. They also want someone who can make them laugh, who can be observant enough to come up with original jokes, the drier the better.



Libras have an eye for design and love to consume art of all kinds. They particularly admire those who have the talent to create it. They love to analyze the mind of an artist and have a particular curiosity about their inspiration. The process that brings an idea or a feeling to life in a tangible or analog way.



Scorpios are the most intimidating sign of the zodiac, so they admire those who don’t scare easily. They love individuals who know who they are, and what they like, and have their own opinions and convictions. They’re looking for friends and partners who don’t second guess themselves and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there in any facet of their lives.



Sagittarius is the sign in the constant pursuit of knowledge, and so they admire those who have it. People who are wise, people who have dedicated time and effort to learning something, whether that be emotional intelligence, street smarts, or book smarts. A Sagittarius will appreciate what an expert has to say, whether they are a science type or liberal arts nerd.



Capricorns are the business moguls of the zodiac, so they appreciate people who have done their homework (and their housework). They admire those who run a tight ship in all areas of their lives and those who are prepared for anything. The people who can access relevant information or belongings because they have found a method to keep everything in its own place.



Aquariuses are the most empathetic of the zodiac, which can take an emotional toll on them. They gravitate towards those who can keep it together under pressure. People like educators and healthcare workers who can face large amounts of stress and emotion, but still perform a necessary task. There is a level of selflessness involved that they aspire to emulate.



Pisces are deep feelers, and admire those who can pick up on subtle hints and context to correctly identify how those around them are feeling. Calling it intuition would sell this quality short, it requires astute observation and attention to detail. Pisces find the effort expended extremely attractive and find themselves wishing they had the same accuracy every time.

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