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The One Zodiac Who Should Beware The Evil Eye On November 14th

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The New Moon in Scorpio on November 14th brings a volatile, transformational energy that will ultimately shake up some relationships. Some zodiacs will feel the intensity more than others and will feel empowered to engage in manifestation practices and reevaluate their relationships (with themselves and others).

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With that being said, this Scorpio can also bring a bit of maliciousness and secrecy into our lives. There’s always going to be someone out there who is jealous of us and even sending negative energy our way. And that’s where the Evil Eye comes in. The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection against curses, ill will, and negative energy.

There is one zodiac who needs to be aware of the Evil Eye on November 14th because someone might be sending them some ill will, and that’s Scorpio.

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Scorpio, you’re a master at being vindictive and secretive, so be on the lookout for the signs that someone might be jealous of you. Get an Evil Eye amulet and keep it close to you. Sage your home. Maybe look into some crystals.

Don’t listen to what anyone else thinks or says about what you should want for your life. Focus on youyour feelings, your desires, your goals.

While we are in your season, you might be going back and forth between feeling confident in yourself and going through an identity crisis. Either way, this energy is transformative for you. And so long as you take time to meditate and listen to your vulnerabilities, you will figure it out. Just be cautious and protective of your energy.

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