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The Next 2 Years Will Be A Huge Turning Point For Your Life—Here’s How, According To Your Zodiac

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Whenever a planet stations at 29°, it reflects a turning point of sorts. When that planet is as slow-moving as Neptune, the effects last a long time—until 2026, in this case, when Neptune will leave the anaretic tipping point of mystical Pisces and enter the fierce battleground of Aries.

When Neptune first entered Pisces, it was April 4, 2011. That same year, many notable events took place, including the first Occupy Wall Street protests, the Arab Spring, WikiLeaks, severe flooding in Thailand, and the aptly named Operation Neptune Spear that led to the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Instagram was also introduced to a wide audience after its creation in October 2010, planting the seeds of what would become influencer culture. Amidst considerable unrest, the Western world found new and innovative ways to use digital media as escapism.

Though, according to modern astrology, Neptune is technically considered in its exaltation in Pisces, it has historically brought times of serious political, ideological, and religious conflict. During one past transit, the Roman Empire became Christianized. During another, the Salem Witch Trials persecuted women accused of heresy.

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Since 2011, our interest in (and susceptibility to) cults, conspiracies, propaganda, and fake news has only grown. While spirituality has become cool again and astrology has effectively been mainstreamed, there has been a dark side to this so-called collective spiritual awakening: scammers have found ways to take advantage of lonely people, practitioners have fallen victim to severe spiritual psychosis, and controversial cultic groups like the Twin Flames Universe have been exposed.

Now, it’s all about to reach a fever pitch. The anaretic degree indicates that the show is over. The veil has been lifted and the only thing left to do is hold our breath as the tidal wave of uncomfortable truths are revealed. While Neptune has drifted through the past few degrees of Pisces, we have stayed firmly in the bargaining stage, while now we must come to acceptance.

Those who have clung the hardest to their sincerely held convictions will struggle the most over this period of undoing. Though the pull of the sunk-cost fallacy is undeniably strong, it is not time to cling to false beliefs, no matter how comforting they might be. The only way out is through. In order to make it to the next chapter of your life, you must be willing to confront reality.

Though Neptune is a very distant planet with greater influence on societal trends than individual perspectives, it still, inevitably, plunges its spear through areas of our personal lives where we have been intentionally or unintentionally deluding ourselves. How will the next two years play out for you? It all depends on where Pisces falls in your natal chart. Read the following according to your rising sign.


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Since 2011, you’ve likely been more introspective and self-focused, thanks to Neptune’s transit through your twelfth house. As you’ve struggled to find balance internally, you’ve compensated by putting yourself out there—loudly and provocatively, in some cases. As Neptune gradually closed in on the anaretic degree, you started to feel tired and burnt out: a natural consequence of prioritizing your worldly identities over your inner self. However, if you’ve been harboring any illusions about your mental health or struggles with addiction, now is the time you will come to face them in a very intimate manner. Prepare to get clean and sober, cathartically releasing all negative habits and vices from your life. As you heal, you will find many opportunities to channel your pain into creative impulses instead.


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2011 ushered in a lengthy era of confusion surrounding your broader community and network, with Neptune making its long transit through your eleventh house. As your friend group grew, so did your openness towards new spiritual modalities and practices. For a time, most of you expressed this constructively, exploring new paths and cultivating life-giving friendships. Somewhere along the line, though, something changed. For a while now, you have probably been feeling inclinations that your in-group is not enabling you to be your highest self. Many of you are reaching the final stages of alliance to a certain political, spiritual, or religious community that is no longer serving you, and you are preparing to break away. This change doesn’t need to be overnight. Take some time to reflect on why you are not connecting with your current group of friends, seek guidance from mentors, and gradually move forward.


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You began a new chapter of your life in 2011, one in which your public image, career, and reputation was highlighted on a very large scale. Gradually you gained a platform and became someone of significance as Neptune moved through your tenth house. Many of you have become content creators and influencers, jobs that did not exist prior to the Neptune in Pisces transit. With your impeccable ability at communicating, you have mastered the art of adaptability and it has served you well throughout the last decade-plus of your career. However, with Neptune now at the anaretic degree, you can rest easily in the knowledge that you won’t be carrying the whole world on your back for much longer. Your social network is about to broaden substantially, and your opportunities to collaborate will increase. If you’ve been feeling like stepping out of the spotlight for a while, your chance for a more relaxed, laidback lifestyle is coming. Now is the time to be patient.


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Beginning in 2011, you lived according to strong principles and convictions, whether they were encouraged by clergy, academia, culture, or family. Thanks to Neptune’s transit of your ninth house, your traditions and beliefs were both emboldened and challenged by your studies, foreign travels, and interactions with people from other cultural backgrounds. You’ve spent a good period of your life engaging with people who are different from you and getting a wide range of perspectives, but it might have taken you some time to stubbornly release the beliefs of your own upbringing, as they brought you comfort and stability in times of tumultuous change. As Neptune reached the latter degrees of Pisces, you either doubled down even harder, or accepted the cognitive dissonance for what it was. Now that it has reached the anaretic degree, your devotion to anything you have believed sincerely is about to be shaken. You may grieve this loss due to your associated identity, or you may embrace it as a new chance at spiritual self-discovery. There are likely to be a number of confusing, contradictory emotions involved in this process. However, one thing is certain: everything you have learned over this time has prepared you to boldly step into a more public forum.


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You’ve faced some dark nights of the soul since 2011, due to Neptune’s transit through your eighth house. Some of you likely lost loved ones, while others experienced metaphorical deaths and rebirths, alternating between periods of self-imposed isolation and manic fascination with the taboo. This may have manifested through exploration of the occult or alternative sexual practices. Significant relationships that unfolded over the past thirteen years were almost certainly life-altering, transformative, soul-bonding types of experiences, rather than short-lived flings; these lost loves will influence how you approach interpersonal relationships in the future. You might have experienced something akin to spiritual psychosis or erotomania, projecting your desperation for connection too strongly onto a figure who you were only idealizing in your head. However, with Neptune now at the anaretic degree, you are now about to face the facts. If you have been chasing the darkness for too long due to an abandonment wound or a sense that you are undeserving of the light, it is time to deconstruct your idea of what love means. In an ideal partnership, you are comfortable with each other’s individuality. There is no space for codependency.


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Since Neptune entered your seventh house way back in 2011, you’ve done everything in your power to romanticize your partners and keep the fairytale alive—even if your reality looked nothing like your fantasy. A number of you were in unhappy relationships that you dragged out longer than necessary, determined to see them through and make them work. If you were involuntarily single for any extended period of time in the past thirteen years, you were likely frustrated by the lack of movement in your love life and many of you likely sought out spiritual techniques to try to manifest your dream person earlier than you should have. Rather than simply allowing life to play out as it is meant to, a lot of you opened your manifestation journals and feverishly jotted down names, traits, and characteristics, trying to create the ideal human being. Of course, such efforts always fail, as no partner can match every single quality you wish for; you end up with who you need, not necessarily who you think you want. For the sake of your own soul growth, you need to start focusing inward: with Neptune at the anaretic degree, you are now becoming painfully aware that your starry-eyed ideals about romance won’t get you very far. Rather, a realistic, strategic focus on the long term will enable you to enter into important relationships with wisdom and maturity.


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Your work-life balance has been unsteady since 2011, when Neptune began its transit through your sixth house. If you’ve also struggled with physical health problems or difficulty maintaining a routine, you’re in good company. Your journey has been a bit different than that of the other signs, as you’ve made unconventional career choices, spent more time at home recovering from ailments, and learning to prioritize your health over the hustle. While you’ve dealt with pervasive guilt about your perceived failures, or felt that you were perhaps being left behind by your peers, you’ve been steadily gathering helpful life advice that will serve you well in your future relationships. You have come to know yourself better than anyone, and this level of insight is dawning on you now, as Neptune hits the anaretic degree and reflects a major turning point in your life. You are now free to allow close, intimate relationships to thrive in your life, rather than closing off any potential opportunity to bring someone special into your confusing world. You have deluded yourself into believing that you are a burden, when in reality you have more to offer the world than you could ever know. You’ve learned things through periods of great suffering that will inspire your partners in business and romance, enabling them to understand where your resilience and thick skin came from.


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Beginning in 2011, your approach to fun, romance, and pleasure has been well-intentioned, but ultimately unfulfilling. Whether you’ve been indulging in too many hedonistic indulgences for your own good, or you’ve held long-term relationships at arm’s length due to a fear of commitment, you’ve been playing the avoidance game. As Neptune has crept closer to the anaretic degree, your rose-colored glasses have slowly started to be lifted, exposing the lack of self-fulfillment and emptiness that comes with a purely superficial, shallow lifestyle. Now that the planet of illusion has finally reached its final degree, you’re going to either fight to keep the party going—or recognize, with some frustration and reluctance, that it’s time to change. The exciting, youthful days are now behind you. You’ll always have the memories. Now it’s time to grow up, cultivate a strong work ethic, and commit to a routine that allows you to show up for yourself and your loved ones in equal measure.


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2011 marked the start of a highly domestic and family-oriented season of your life, since Neptune was transiting your fourth house. Some of you have remained constrained to one home where you were not truly content, out of duty to an aging relative or loyalty to your family of origin. Some of you have moved around frequently, desperately trying to find roots and possibly deluding yourself into thinking that you could find them somewhere far away from home. You might have traveled the world, seeking that one special place that would immediately call to you. Unfortunately, every nomad eventually learns the same difficult lesson: Wherever you go, there you are. With Neptune now at the anaretic degree, it’s likely you’re beginning to recognize that you are more than the collection of experiences you have lived so far; you are your own person, a whole autonomous individual. While your family lineage is important, it does not have to define you. You are free to pursue your own dreams.


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Since 2011, your creative power, especially through writing, has been at its peak. Unfortunately, so has your weakness for fake news. With Neptune moving through your third house, every piece of written information should be scrutinized. Those of you who have been working in careers that rely heavily on communication, such as journalism or advertising, may have found it very easy to adapt to the changing tides: clickbait headlines, heavily filtered images, and AI are all persuasive tools for those in the know, but too much of that type of content can start to reshape your brain. If you’ve started to go conspiratorial in recent years, it’s not surprising. You’ve been primed for skepticism. You are gifted with the ability to use language effectively and convincingly, making you an asset to any team that wants to sell an audience on a product or ideology. However, at this stage in the Neptune transit, you are about to start eating your words. Think back to something you may have done or said that you are now fundamentally opposed to. Can you swallow your pride and admit you were wrong?


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Your financial situation has been unclear since 2011, when Neptune began its transit through your second house. While some of you became secret millionaires thanks to creative side hustles, others harbored shameful addictions and substance abuse problems that put you in debt. Whatever the case may be, you undeniably kept your net worth shrouded in some level of secrecy, either out of fear that you would be taken advantage of, or embarrassment that you weren’t living up to your own self-imposed standards. As time went on, you became more and more convinced that this was the safest option for your self-preservation, and unfortunately, you may have become consumed by so many thoughts surrounding money that you lost touch with the more important things in life, such as friends, family, and sincere happiness. With Neptune at the anaretic degree, you are now beginning to recognize that while financial security offers many benefits, it is not the only thing that matters. It might, in fact, be driving a wedge between you and your loved ones. Reflect on what you would do if you lost everything—or won the lottery overnight. Would you remain the same person, with the same integrity, character, and values?


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Your sense of identity has been clouded since 2011, when Neptune began its long transit through your first house. You’ve been uncertain how you come across to others, what you stand for, and what aesthetic you should embrace. It hasn’t been easy for you to settle on a clear path forward. Furthermore, if much of your identity is wrapped up in your creative or spiritual pursuits, you might have felt you had to sacrifice this part of yourself in order to climb the corporate ladder. As Neptune has moved through the latter degrees of Pisces, the veil has started to lift for you: perhaps you’ve started going to therapy, or seeking spiritual counsel from a trusted mentor. Maybe you’ve learned that there is no shame in sharing your poetry or paintings online and making some extra money off your passion. With Neptune now at the anaretic degree, you can anticipate a gradual realization of your true purpose, which you will start to automatically reflect through your outward appearance. Internal change is always expressed externally. Your friends and family will start to notice your smile is more genuine, your posture more relaxed, your sense of self more secure

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