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The New Hobby Each Zodiac Should Try This Winter 2023

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Aries, you enjoy being active and using your fiery energy to explore new activities. This Winter, you might enjoy taking a kickboxing class. This gives you a chance to be social as well as burn some of that energy in a healthy way. You can find a class at your local gym or even get a group together and come up with your own class.

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Tauruses like the simple pleasures of life. You enjoy earthy, grounding activities, which makes gardening a perfect activity to try this Winter. You can start with a small patio garden if you have a small space. Grow plants like tomatoes and peppers or expand your garden if you have a yard and add planter boxes to grow a variety of plants. The possibilities are endless.

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Geminis are good at creating, especially in the realm of words and art. Scrapbooking would be a great hobby for a Gemini to try this Winter. You can take pictures and write about your fun Winter experiences. Try organizing them into a book and share it with your friends. It can be a beautiful keepsake of the wonderful time you had this Winter.

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Cancers are prone to stay home, but they do enjoy spending time outdoors near water as well as gazing at the moon. Camping would be a wonderful hobby for a Cancer, especially if moon gazing is involved. You can pick a gorgeous park by the water and spend some time solo or with a few of your closest friends. Happy camping!

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Leos love to show off their sassy side, and dancing allows a Leo to do just that! If you’re a Leo, you can find a local dancing class to try, or even dance to your own beat at a Winter festival. Bust out your best dance moves. You know others will be watching and admiring your skills.

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Virgos are sensible earth signs that enjoy grounding activities to calm their anxieties. Hiking is a perfect hobby for a Virgo because it allows them to connect with nature and themselves without having to “get it right” so to speak. If you are a Virgo, you can get a little lost in the woods, allowing your mind to wander freely. Watch some birds and animals as you wander and feel the calm wash over you .

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Libras love connecting with others, as well as finding beauty in this world. Libras can try photography as a hobby this Winter to give them a chance to capture the beauty or even heartache they see. You can start by using your phone to take artsy photos or even invest in a good camera if you really enjoy the hobby. Take as many photos as you’d like, especially if something catches your eye.

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Water sign Scorpio is brave and disciplined, which is why paddle boarding might be an enjoyable hobby for Scorpio to try this Winter. You can find a local paddle boarding class or paddle board yoga to try. This gives you a chance to get into the water while also practicing finding balance and strength. This challenging activity might be just what you need to get out of your shell.

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Extroverted and optimistic Sagittarius should try running this Winter as their hobby. Running allows you to push yourself while exploring new places. You can run anywhere and even bring your friends along. Make a game of it and see who can get to the end of your route the fastest. If it’s your thing, you can always end your run at the local brewery or ice cream shop as your reward.

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Capricorns are hardworking and creative people, which is why making jewelry might be a different yet enjoyable hobby for a Capricorn to do. Working with your hands will help ground you. Making jewelry will allow you to create something you can use and share with loved ones. Start with going to your local craft store, picking out items you like, and get to work. You will create amazing work, Capricorn.


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Aquarians are known for being cerebral, social, and creative. An Aquarius might like to try woodworking as a new hobby. You could take a woodworking class at your local community college to learn the basics or learn from books and online videos. Build something small like a bird house or try something a little more complex like building an outdoor table. This activity will get your brain and body working.


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 A calm, intuitive Pisces might enjoy trying the quiet activity of fishing. Pisces are fish, after all! You can get a fishing pole and go out to your local lake or pond to see what you can catch. All the quietness of nature will allow your mind to wander and could even be a spiritual experience for you. Just make sure you get a fishing license first at your local DNR.

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