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In this chaotic world, moments of relaxation are seen as precious moments to celebrate. For this reason, most of the time we find ourselves almost unconsciously enriching the classic break with small rituals such as lighting incense, filling the house with candles, or preparing a good herbal tea to sip while reading a book or watching the TV. Today, we’re going to focus on just the right drink to drink to make our little break as enjoyable as possible.

Even in this case, there is a version more suitable for each of us and this can be identified precisely based on one’s zodiac sign (or ascendant). So let’s try to find out which tea or herbal tea is more advisable to drink in our moments of relaxation. And if you haven’t tried the one indicated for your sign yet, the advice is to give it at least a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

The right herbal tea for every zodiac sign

Aries – Tea
For those who are energetic and always on the go, tea is a valid alternative to coffee. Perfect for giving you the energy you need even in the rare moments when you choose to give yourself a break. In this way, while relaxing, you will always be ready to start over at any time, sure that you have the right energy for your many commitments that you will embrace as always with determination and, in this case, renewed energy.

Taurus – English tea
A traditionalist like you can only take advantage of every little break to indulge in a good English tea, perhaps accompanied by lots of lemon slices and some pastries that can make the moment even happier. It will be a way like any other to pamper yourself, staying in the comfort zone you care so much about and releasing the tensions accumulated during the day.

Gemini – The jasmine herbal tea
For those who are original and you tend to get tired of everything, a jasmine herbal tea can represent the diversion you need and that will help you ease the tension by focusing on taste as well. With its hard-to-forget flavor, this herbal tea is a good way to recharge the batteries without tiring the palate and feeling the tiredness that goes away, sip after sip. Just ideal to be ready to leave shortly after, right?

Cancer – Valerian
Sometimes your emotionality leads you to internal conflicts that you end up somatizing in the belly. A good moment of relaxation will therefore be better if you can also eliminate the small ailments caused by everyday stress. In your case, therefore, valerian is the best choice to savor your little break, relaxing and relieving tension.

Leo – Mint tea
For you who are always strong and at the forefront when it comes to dealing with problems, every break should be accompanied by a good mint tea. Its fresh taste is invigorating as well as relaxing the mind thanks to the scent it emanates and which is accompanied by a particular flavor that is well suited to any moment of the day.

Virgo – Fennel tea
Often the stress that you tend to accumulate leads to not digesting certain situations and the same seems to happen with what you eat. A fennel tea, therefore, seems to be ideal. Its properties will help you both to solve any digestive problems and to relax the mind, at least for a while away from bad thoughts.

Libra – The draining herbal tea
Being able to choose why not make moments of relaxation useful to improve your physical shape? For you who are always attentive to appearances and who, more than anything else, always want to feel your best, a draining herbal tea seems to be the best solution, able to relax you with its fresh flavor and also bring you physical benefits. . Be careful not to overdo it, though. After all, we are still talking about relaxation and not about a time to aim for physical fitness.

Scorpio – Green tea
For you who are always focused on the problems to be solved, every moment of relaxation should be accompanied by a good cup of green tea, possibly accompanied by a pastry or chocolate able to sweeten the day. Something light so that you don’t have feelings of guilt but that can bring you a bit of a good mood. The antioxidant powers of green tea will do the rest.

Sagittarius – Orange Infusion
A summer flavor that with the addition of a little cinnamon also blends perfectly with the winter climate. Here’s what it takes for you, something that is dynamic and constantly evolving and that also has a simple yet sophisticated flavor. This way you can be sure that you always have the perfect drink for every occasion with you.

Capricorn – White Tea
The only way to indulge in a relaxing drink is to choose something special. So a cup of white tea is welcome, strange enough to attract your attention and with a neutral flavor that does not distract you from your thoughts and that is perfectly suited to the small moments of pause that, albeit rarely, now and then you end up giving yourself.

Aquarius – The herbal tea with wild berries
For your most demanding days, herbal tea with wild berries can represent the right parenthesis of sweetness to indulge in before tackling the next commitments. Its fruity and sweet taste has the power to relax you, especially if accompanied by a small brioche or something soft that makes you feel on vacation.

Pisces – Ginger tea
In addition to having excellent healing powers, ginger tea has a particular flavor that hardly tires and that goes well with moments of pause where the only thing you want is to experience a feeling of well-being that embraces the spirit. and body. So what is better than one of the most used remedies in the East to find a moment of peace among your thousand thoughts?

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