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The zodiac signs that are selfish in friendship and those that are not at all

Find out which zodiac signs that are particularly selfish in friendship and which, on the other hand, are more altruistic than you think.

Friendship is one of the most precious things in the world. It is a feeling that arises spontaneously and that if well cultivated can last forever, leading the people who live it to be accomplices, to support each other, and to be there without any obligation or commitment in this regard. At the same time, its safeguarding depends on the parties involved and this can lead to friendships that continue smoothly throughout life and others that, due to misunderstandings, wrong attitudes, and betrayals, can end up being interrupted. Often what makes the difference is the ability to communicate is at the base, while in others it is the selfishness of one of the two friends or both. The problem that is once placed in the middle can also compromise the friendship forever.

And since people’s way of depending at least in part on the influence of the stars, today after seeing how to spend time at home based on your zodiac sign and why the various signs of the zodiac are afraid of engaging in love, we will find out which ones are the most selfish zodiac signs when it comes to friendship. Since this is an aspect closely linked to the way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Astrology: The zodiac signs that are selfish in friendship and those that are not at all

Aries – The particularly selfish friends
It could be said that those born under the sign of Aries are among the most selfish people in friendship. Just like with love, they tend to always put themselves first and try to get as much as they can from those around them. This means that, although they are often sought by others for their cheerfulness and for the ability to be fun and company, in reality, they are rather lacking from an emotional point of view. Not very empathetic, they tend to easily trample the feelings of those who are friends with them and they do it without worrying about it in the least, certain that in their place anyone would act in the same way. Having them as friends, therefore, is certainly fun but does not give guarantees of any kind.

Taurus – The fairly selfless friends
The natives of Taurus are people who, when it comes to friendship, always do everything to be there. It must be said, however, that for them there are at least two types of relationships of this type. The first is the one that they live more superficially and that concerns fellow students, friends with whom they meet now and then, and companions on various adventures. The second, the one they particularly care about, is intertwined with those they consider family and who, usually, are old friends. If with the former they may have a bit selfish and sometimes detached ways of doing things, with the latter they always do everything to be there and to respond to all sorts of needs. For the natives of the sign, friendship is an important feeling, which must be nurtured over time and which can give much more if well managed by both parties.

Gemini – Friends, all in all, generous
Those born under the sign of Gemini are cheerful and nice friends. Those who bring the environment to life, who knows how to entertain, and who invent something new every day. However, their way of understanding friendship is strictly personal and linked to the feelings they feel for the other person. If they are sincerely affectionate, they can show themselves quite generous. Otherwise, they can reveal some rather selfish and difficult-to-manage traits. These are therefore friends who are pleasant to have as long as they are within their fees and receive the best treatment. Otherwise, the risk is to live a relationship made of continuous ups and downs and in any case destined to end.

Cancer – Selfish Friends
Cancer natives, although extremely loving and in need of affection, tend to become selfish when they care for someone. This, of course, also happens in friendships. The fear of being alone or being hurt leads them to assume even strange attitudes which, in the long run, can lead to the end of the relationship. That said, these are friends who always put themselves first and who can become insistent and annoying to always win. Having them as friends, however comfortable from a sentimental point of view and therefore linked to external expressions of affection, can become difficult on the character side, leading to continuous quarrels and discussions that, sooner or later, would end up compromising the relationship forever.

Leo – Sincerely selfish friends
Those born under the sign of Leo are among the strange friends because, while always showing understanding and kindness, they have their way of showing themselves selfish and all without having the slightest problem. For them, putting themselves first is so natural that they make no secret of it to anyone and tell anyone they know, even bragging about their choice. A choice that, in a relationship of friendship, can lead them to put anyone aside to dedicate themselves to what they like and all demanding attention and concern. It must be said that if they have time and ways they always know how to be forgiven. When this does not happen, however, they claim that there are no offenses of any kind on the other side. Because the utmost understanding is always expected from a friend.

Virgo – Selfless Friends
Virgo natives experience friendship in a rather strange way. When they can, they can be generous with friends who try to help as they can. If they do not find themselves in difficulty, however, their selfishness tends to emerge, pushing them too often deleterious attitudes aimed at highlighting their person. So they easily end up giving life to endless discussions of which they are the first to get tired to the point of being able to decide to put an end to everything without second thoughts. Proud as never before they tend to stay on their own and take it for nothing, nullifying even the most precious of friendships.

Libra – The unselfish friends
A little bit of healthy selfishness is part of those born under the sign of Libra at least as it is part of them to focus as much as they can on all that is beautiful. Excellent listeners and rather wise in dispensing advice, they know how to be generous with those they consider friends but always with due distances. We can therefore say that they are friends capable of carrying on healthy selfishness, that when needed, they also know how to put aside to better enjoy the relationship with others. An aspect of which they are aware and that they tend to live quite naturally.

Scorpio – Friends More Than Selfless
When it comes to friendship, the natives of Scorpio are anything but selfish people. Their special care for friends leads them to always be sincere, faithful, and ready to do everything for the people they consider to be in their inner circle and who, above all, they consider trustworthy people. Knowing to make a friend feel good is something that makes them feel good in turn and for which they are always willing to fight. To give their best, however, they need to know they can trust. Otherwise, they can come to close a relationship they care about in a very short time and without giving explanations on the merits. These are friends that it is more than positive to have, as long as you know how to treat them with the same regard that you receive from them.

Sagittarius – The very selfish friends
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to portray themselves as selfless people and ready to give everything to their friends. In reality, however, their all depend on various variables that are often really difficult to manage. To be able to consider a friend as such, they need to feel accepted and appreciated. If they believe they do not have the right attention in exchange, they tend to be elusive until they disappear from the radar. Moreover, even when everything goes for the best, their need to always have what they want and not to have to explain to anyone about it pushes them to selfish attitudes that they often don’t even realize. Having them as friends can therefore be difficult unless you are completely independent and able to count on other friends who are more present than them.

Capricorn – Present friends
The natives of Capricorn take a particular interest in friendship and this leads them to always be present in the lives of others. When they can they give their best even if this will always be related to their many commitments and the need to carve out spaces that those around them will have to make themselves enough. Having said that, they are people always willing to listen and, when they can, to help with their presence and with the ability to always give advice (sometimes even if not requested) aimed at making those they consider friends feel better. A little selfishness is always present but they almost always know how to keep it from not being noticed.

Aquarius – Friends More Than Selfish
Along with those born under the sign of Aries, the natives of Aquarius are among the most selfish signs from a friendship standpoint. Very reserved they tend to always keep a little aloof and to approach others only when they feel like it. Even in case of need from a friend, unless there is a very special relationship at the base, they tend to ignore it and think first of all about themselves. This puts them in a delicate position. And this, at times, can cause others to get tired of chasing them and end up moving away. A problem which, however, is never too serious from their point of view.

Pisces – Friends Not Selfish At all
Probably, when it comes to friendship, the natives of Pisces are the least selfish of all. Always attentive to the needs and requirements of the people they care about, they are ready to bend over backward for their friends. And to do so they commit themselves to the point of putting themselves aside to see them happy. Empaths like few are always ready to listen and give support and everything without it weighing them in the least. Having them as friends, therefore, means feeling them closer than ever and knowing that you always have someone by your side you can count on. Which is important for a friendship that matters.

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