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The Most Flirtatious Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius is naturally friendly and approachable, but their super-friendliness is often interpreted as flirting. They laugh at jokes, maintain eye contact, and make you feel appreciated in conversation. They often confuse friends and strangers, as people can’t tell whether they’re just being friendly or are interested in them. Such situations can lead to awkwardness and misunderstandings, but this isn’t Aquarius’ fault. Aquarius doesn’t even realize they’re flirting. Aquarius may be flirty, but they may also be oblivious to their flirtatious nature, as they consider it friendly.

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Sagittarius signs love freedom (and are always trying out new things), but they also love to shamelessly flirt. There’s nothing subtle about this star sign, and they are open and bold with their flirting style. They’ll laugh at all your jokes, check you out while talking to you, outwardly compliment you, and/or even touch you while you’re talking. This extravagant attitude can be off-putting to other signs who are quieter, but the truth is, it is in Sagittarius’ nature to love a sense of adventure and excitement. Their appreciation for boldness makes them a prime candidate for being one of the most flirtatious signs.

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Leos love receiving attention, meaning they like to bask in the light of flirting with someone (and they often aren’t picky about their target). They also aren’t shy in how they flirt, preferring to be bold and open so the other person is positive they are flirting with them. Leos crave attention and love immensely, and flirting with others makes them feel like they are in the spotlight. But just like any other sign, it is possible that their flirting doesn’t mean much (it’s superficial!). Leos have a tendency to flirt for admiration. They’ll turn up the charm around anyone if it means they can get some undivided attention. Leo naturally radiates warmth, creativity, and love, but just like a fire that needs to be tended, Leo’s flame diminishes when others don’t play with them. Thus, this sign is one of the most flirtatious signs — always hunting for their next target.

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Libras are notorious for being teases and are one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs. They are very direct in their approach to flirting and honest about their intentions. They are charming people because they hate confrontation of any kind, and they will flirt their way out of a situation to maintain the peace. This can make them manipulative in some ways, but it is also with good intentions, as they wish to maintain harmony. Libras see the best in everyone, but they also want others to see the best in themselves. Such desires can lead them to project their best selves onto others via flirting. Hence, this extraverted, friendly, and fun-loving sign is naturally flirtatious for good reasons.

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