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According to the stars, your friends may be hiding envious people and this could depend on their zodiac sign.

Envy can be thought to be a negative feeling, in reality sometimes it spurs us to be the best version of ourselves, to imitate the person who is the object of our envy. Envy can therefore also be benevolent, but in a solid and beautiful friendship there are many who argue that it should never exist, no form of jealousy should obscure the friendship.

When you strongly desire the good of another person, you cannot envy the position that this person has managed to obtain, even if the feeling that governs us is that of being able to reach his own goals. According to astrologers, some friends are more envious than others and this could depend on their zodiac sign.

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Among the most envious signs of women, you will find them

Being part of today’s ranking does not mean that you are envious of someone, it just means that you could have this attitude because they are governed by forces and planets that push us to want to see ourselves on the podium and always be one step ahead of the others. whatever it takes.

In today’s ranking you will find the following signs:


Scorpio is a passionate sign, and this passion pours into all areas of his life, at the same time it is a very introverted sign, he speaks little about himself but loves to study his opponents a lot and all the people around him because Scorpio does not he wants there to be surprised. Scorpio hardly trusts anyone but when he does he surrenders himself totally to the other and does not admit any form of betrayal. If your Scorpio friend is envious, it’s actually because comparing her life with yours, she feels like she hasn’t done enough, because if she did she would probably be in the same position as you.


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We know the Virgin for her meticulousness, her being meticulous and very precise, as well as her analytical. Surely we are faced with a well-structured sign that always and in any case aims at perfection. Nobody is perfect and sometimes it can happen to Virgo to lose the right path and to make some mistakes that precipitate the situation and make it different from expected. Usually, it is on these occasions that the Virgo woman looks at the people around her with different eyes, with the eyes of comparison and in this case they can feel the grip of envy burning inside them.


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Capricorn is the most hard-working native of the whole zodiac, on a professional level he has always been the best, he never stops and never gives up. He often boasts of success in his life because he is very determined to achieve his professional goals. The only sore point of this sign is that in the face of great difficulties and great obstacles, it becomes very vulnerable and gives up, cannot come to terms with and find solutions, and cannot find alternative paths, so more than acting it prefers to fall in self-pity and it is at this point that envy becomes a sore point for him.

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