Zodiac Signs

The Most Attractive Trait Each Zodiac Wants In A Partner

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Ambitious may as well be Aries’ middle name: they know what they want and aren’t afraid of going after it. Because of this, Aries appreciate other ambitious individuals who are unashamed to chase their desires. They love the confidence of a fellow go-getter, someone who won’t settle for less—and that’s exactly what Aries is looking for in a relationship. Don’t make yourself small in front of this fire sign. Seek out what you want in life and let Aries be your partner—as well as your cheerleader—in chasing these endeavors with you.

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Taurus is very sensual in the physical sense: they have a keen eye for the beauty around them, whether that’s the way the flowers bloom in nature or the Feng Shui arrangement of a living room. They want someone who can also appreciate the simple yet awe-inspiring beauty in their surroundings. Someone who is in touch with their senses like Taurus and can live in the moment instantly attracts the bull—and they’ll be one of the most present partners you can ask for.

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Geminis are the life of the party. Their energetic nature means they’re always on the move, jumping from one project to the next, schmoozing new people they meet, and discussing one topic with another. Gemini knows that life is short and truly makes the most of it—and they want their partner to do the same. They need and crave someone who can not only keep up with their energetic nature but shares and thrives in that energy. There’s nothing more exciting to a Gemini than a kindred spirit, and they’ll make sure you have no dull days ahead of you and truly seize life at the moment.

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Cancers are natural-born caregivers, something they take pride in. They look outside of themselves and are always concerned with the bigger picture, which is their inner circle and humanity as a whole. Cancer doesn’t necessarily want to hear you talk about yourself, but about what you can do for others, how you show up for your loved ones in their daily lives, and how you care for others when they feel down. Cancer needs someone who shares their big heart, and once they find their partner, they’ll immediately shower them with all the love in the world (and secretly appreciate you doing the same).

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It’s true that Leos love the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to share. On the contrary, Leos love someone who shares their confidence, someone who also thrives at being the center of attention. They believe everyone has the potential to be the main character in the story that is life, and they love connecting with others as the social butterfly that they are. Leo knows that confidence is sexy, and if you share that confidence, they will immediately spot you in the crowd and invite you to become their co-star in the play of life.

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Virgo is always looking to fix things, whether it’s a typo in a manuscript or a habit they want to let go of. They strive to be better because they know they can do better, and they hold others to this same standard. Virgo needs someone who is not only looking to improve the things around them but also improve themselves. Virgo is passionate about their values of betterment in all things in life, and if they see someone who shares these values, they will find themselves drawn to that person. Fixing and improving things is how Virgo shows their love, and if they’re willing to show you all the ideas they have on living in a truly better world, you’ve more than caught their attention.

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Libra knows that inequity is one of the biggest problems in the world, and they’re not just thinking on a larger scale. They hate the way one employee gets preferential treatment in the workplace over another or the way a person is rude to someone but acts completely different to their friend. Libra knows that life is better when we’re living in harmony with one another, and they love someone who believes in this wholeheartedly, too. If you find yourself acting as the diplomat more often than not in life because you want to, look no further for a partner than Libra. With a partner like Libra by your side, nothing can stop you both from living in peace.

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Scorpios may keep to themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t value honesty. They have an amazing BS detector and can tell when someone isn’t being authentic with them. As an emotional sign, Scorpio longs to connect with their innermost thoughts and feelings, and they expect others to do the same. If you’re confident in living as your real self, Scorpio will definitely make their way into your life. When they meet someone who aligns with these values, they’re more likely to open up to you—slowly but surely.

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Sagittarius knows the world is their ocean, and they want to explore all seven seas before the end of their lifetime. They know that there’s more to life than what they’ve been taught and that there are always new things to learn every day. Sagittarius needs someone who is open-minded like they are, ready to chase after new experiences and revel in them. They love someone who is always looking for a new adventure, whether that’s gaining knowledge or taking a vacation halfway across the country. Sagittarius loves to grow, and to grow with a partner alongside them is a dream come true.

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Capricorns need stability and steadiness in their life. Routine brings them comfort, and that includes relationships. Capricorns love someone they can rely on, someone who comes on time when they say they will, and someone who is emotionally available in the relationship, and above all dedicated to them. They don’t expect you to be perfect, because they know they aren’t, but they do expect you to commit to the relationship. If you’re at a point in life where you want to dedicate your time and love to a partner, Capricorn will find its way to you. They know that it’s important for both parties to work to maintain a relationship, and they’re not afraid of commitment—they revel in it, and they’ll be sure to show you how much they’re dedicated to you.

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Although often seen as aloof, Aquarius is one of the most altruistic signs. Poverty, climate change, homelessness—all these issues lay heavily on an Aquarius’ mind, as well as ways to solve these problems. They need a partner who is just as dedicated to social change as they are. Aquarius wants to hear about your volunteer work in the community, what issues you think are most affecting the world and how to change them, and, most of all, your passion for these issues. With a fellow humanitarian by their side, Aquarius is reinvigorated to be the change they want to see in the world—and to celebrate a partner who does the same.

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Pisces may live in their own world, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Pisces’ world represents a beautifully idealistic one, where kindness and optimism rule and people are more concerned with empathy than getting ahead. There’s enough pessimism in the world, Pisces knows, and the world could do with some more kindness. If you, too, believe that the world needs more softness, and if you see this as a strength rather than a weakness, you’ll find your way to Pisces in no time. Pisces live their life by envisioning a better world, and they’ll be more than happy to share that world with you.

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