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The Message Your Inner Child Needs To Hear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Our childhoods shape us. These are profoundly formative years, our first introduction to ourselves and the world around us (as well as our places within it).

While there are many beautiful experiences in childhood, there can also be many painful things that happen, wounds that sometimes stick with us well into adulthood.

This is where inner child healing comes in, and one way to soothe your hurting inner child is through positive messages and affirmations.

Here is the message your inner child needs to hear, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries, you’ve been fiery and ready to rock since the day you were born. When you were little, your intensity was not always understood by the other kids. In fact, you were most likely teased for your passion. Please know that you should never dim your light. Your passion is a superpower. Never forget this.

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Taurus, you have always been pragmatic. Responsible and reliable. You grew up fast because you felt like you needed to take care of everyone around you. But you only had to be a kid, Taurus. Let yourself play. Let yourself live.

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It’s okay to feel lonely sometimes. We all do every now and again. But even in the loneliest hours of our lives, we’re never really alone because we still have ourselves.

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You’re allowed to ask for help, Cancer. You don’t have to do everything on your own. People love you and want to assist you when you need it. Please know that none of us really get through this life without a helping hand every now and then. Reach out.

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It is okay if someone doesn’t like you because you are not for everyone. Thankfully, not everyone is for you either. Focus on the people who stay, who love you, who make you better. Forget the rest.

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It’s okay to make mistakes, Virgo. You don’t have to do everything perfectly in order to be worthy of love and belonging. Besides, perfection doesn’t exist anyway. Your time is better used simply doing the best you can and forgiving yourself when you fall short.

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Libra, you sometimes become so preoccupied with making sure everyone else is okay that you neglect your own needs and wants. Please remember that your needs matter just as much as everyone else’s. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

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While trust should be earned and not freely given, this doesn’t mean you have to hold your faith hostage either. Scorpio, most people have genuinely good hearts. Please know it’s okay to trust others.

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You have a deeply curious mind and a natural penchant for adventure. Sometimes, people may think this makes you a little flighty but so be it. You deserve to chase your curiosities. You deserve the big life you keep dreaming about.

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Life can be painful. At times, life can hurt a lot. But it is within the darkness that we can appreciate the light so much more when it appears. The storm always passes, Capricorn. Keep your head up. It’s going to be okay.

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Your unique point of view makes this world a more interesting, dynamic place. It’s okay if others don’t always get it. Keep being yourself. Be weird. Be different. Be you.

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You feel everything deeply, and you always have. But please know that your natural ability to feel is not a weakness but a gift. Your sensitivity allows you to be more empathetic. Never forget there is great strength in being brave enough to feel, even when it hurts.

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