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The Love Message You Need This Valentine’s Day, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot


Your Card:Knight of Wands

Aries, you might be wondering about a potential relationship. There’s certainly someone charming who you’ve been spending time with. This person lights you up, says all the right things, and adds color to a once monochrome world. Listen to your instincts, Aries. There’s a reason your gut is telling you that this suitor may not stick around when things lose their novelty or get tough. If there’s no one in your life, the Knight of Wands is telling you that you’re not finding the love you desire because you’re not willing to take risks. For those in committed relationships, this card is signifying one of two things: the passion is still alive between you and your partner, or you need to spend more quality time with your significant other to strengthen your connection—either way, don’t let the steam vanish.


Your Card: The Moon, reversed

Love can only be truly fulfilling when it’s open and honest, Taurus. Love isn’t real when you can’t show your authentic self. Don’t hold parts of yourself back while you’re putting yourself out there. Let go of the voice of the person who made you feel small. The only way you’re ever going to truly feel accepted is if you let someone understand you to your core. If you’re in a relationship, then The Moon reversed is encouraging you to have gentle communication with your partner. You need to check in. Either you’re holding something back, or they are. Whichever it is, clarity is needed.


Your Card: Six of Cups

You can spend all the time in the world that you want reliving happy memories, but that’s all they will ever be Gemini—just memories. You’re becoming addicted to nostalgia and have over-romanticized the past to such a degree that you can’t actually remember it for what it really is. The sad thing is that you’ve allowed something that has come and gone to hold you back. This love that you yearn for is one that was never meant to be yours. You need to heal wounds you haven’t closed—wounds you keep picking at. The reason you feel so lonely is because the past is a cold lover to lie next to at night.


Your Card: Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is an extremely lucky card to draw for a Valentine’s Day reading. This card is Cupid himself. Plenty of opportunities are surfacing in your love life—surprises that will pull at your heartstrings and make you look at romance with awe again. If your heart is calling you to something—or someone—act on it. The possibility is high that this experience will freshen your perspective on love and awaken deep feelings in you. There’s a good reason you feel safe with this person. Let yourself explore things further—it could be immensely emotionally healing for you.


Your Card: Six of Swords, reversed

Despite your best efforts, an old love still has an incredibly strong hold on you. You may be feeling held back by insecurities that a past relationship left you with, or you may find yourself a broken down version of the person that you used to be. Perhaps it’s as simple as you being unable to get over an ex. There’s something still binding you from experiencing romance fully. Leo, you deserve a fulfilling love life. Healing may take time and it may be tortuous, but there are wounds you can no longer ignore. You’re never going to thrive in love unless you process the emotions and traumas associated with that heartbreak. The reason you keep overthinking and overanalyzing things with every new person is because you haven’t allowed yourself to heal. That feeling of emotional stagnancy that’s driving you mad won’t disappear until you do.


Your Card: Ace of Wands

Love and romance are supposed to involve passion and excitement, Virgo. Somewhere along the way, with all the disappointments and monotony, you seem to have forgotten that. The right person is someone who makes you feel inspired, Virgo. Do the people you go out on dates with thrill you? Does your current partner still make you feel that fire? Do you still do what it takes to keep the spark alive in your relationship? You need to work on rekindling the flame between you and your partner if it’s gone. If no one you’re meeting is stirring powerful feelings in you, then it’s time to go for a different type of person. Virgo, the Ace of Wands is sending you a reminder that the love of your dreams does exist, and that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it.


Your Card: Eight of Wands, reversed

If you’re struggling to move to the next stage of your relationship, then it’s time to admit that it just isn’t meant to be. Things aren’t working out because the two of you are simply not aligned. It’s a tough, but necessary message to swallow. Call it bad timing, call it incompatibility, call it what you want—you need to let it go. For Libras in relationships, the Eight of Wands reversed is telling you that you need to pause and take a break. Be careful of what you say and do. Instead of pushing forward with plans together this Valentine’s or in any capacity, you and your partner need to reassess where you stand and if you both are still getting what you want out of the relationship.


Your Card: Page of Pentacles

Scorpio, you like things that thrill you and excite you—and that even scare you a little bit. You’re someone who seeks out intense experiences. When things start to feel a little stale in love, you check out and question things. It’s important to remember that while sometimes a relationship can lack passion and excitement, the love is still there. Dependable love can get boring, but you wouldn’t feel safe if it was unpredictable and inconsistent, Scorpio. Find new ways to physically connect with your partner and heighten the chemistry between you. If you’re single, the Page of Pentacles has a very different message for you: love keeps going wrong because you keep placing practicality over passion. Stop being so afraid of the possibility of what someone exciting might bring, Scorpio.


Your Card: Page of Swords

It can be terrifyingly easy for resentment to build in a relationship when you’re not having your needs met and your boundaries respected. The Page of Swords could be beckoning you to examine the emotional intimacy in your relationship and how you’re succeeding and failing at emotionally fulfilling your partner. Perhaps this card is pointing to your own emotional dissatisfaction in the relationship. Can your partner be redeemed or is there no going back for them? If you’re single and looking for love, the Page of Swords is telling you that you’re not going to find it sitting at home on Saturday night. Get out there, Sag.


Your Card: The Tower, reversed

You might be closing your eyes to the truth and hoping that by ignoring it, it will go away and you won’t have to deal with the pain of the fallout. Be honest with yourself, Capricorn. Is resentment building up in your relationship? Do you find yourself biting your tongue? Is your relationship even salvageable? Are you holding on to something that’s broken? The Tower is saying that either you’re ready to do the hard work to fix things, or you’re ready to say the hard goodbyes. Your heart knows what it wants, Capricorn, and it knows when it’s ready to leave. For single Capricorns, The Tower signifies a hard time you’ve gone through in love, or perhaps a toxic relationship you have left. This Valentine’s Day it’s telling you that the hard times are behind you and soon you’re to get lucky in love.


Your Card: The Empress, reversed

Aquarius, the reason that lately you’ve been feeling unlucky in your love life, or lack thereof, is because your self-worth took a plummet. You experienced a relationship where you had to suppress yourself and tone yourself down—one where you sacrificed your needs to your own detriment. It created an imbalance in your sense of self. The Empress reversed is telling you that you need to find your mojo back. You’re not going to find anything good when you’re not feeling great about yourself. For the taken Aquarius, this card is a reminder to spend quality time with your significant other and treat yourselves to an excellent date.


Your Card: Nine of Swords

Pisces, it’s important for you to remember to prioritize your peace of mind above anything and anyone else. You’re so giving and self-sacrificing, especially when it comes to relationships. The right love will never ask you to make sacrifices. It will always make sure that you receive as much as you give. It won’t ever fill you with fear or anxiety about saying or doing the wrong thing. Real love will never make you question where you place your trust. It will never be a source of sadness or despair. Real love lifts you up, Pisces

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