Zodiac Signs

The Life Change Coming For Each Zodiac

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You’re about to get involved directly with something Aries. Maybe it’s a cause you’ve been following in the news, a rift that’s been growing between two friends, or a new mentoring initiative at work. Whatever it is, a switch flips on in your head to get up and do something instead of watching to see what happens.

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You are about to take your life into your own hands, Taurus. A decision that affects your whole life trajectory will be on the table for you. A committed relationship, a new home, a move to a new city, starting a family or a career. Something in you feels ready to take on new responsibility without hesitation.

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You are going to look in the mirror and see someone new, Gemini. Whatever life chapter you were swirling in for months or years, like a castaway clutching onto a piece of a shipwreck, has come to an end without you even realizing it. Recognizing all that turmoil is now in the rearview mirror be liberating.

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Your perspective will be changed, Cancer, by someone with a different background. While you do your best to avoid echo chambers, this experience will be a reminder of how vast the human experience is, and how large the globe, no matter how connected it is today. There is always something new to learn from others.

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The change coming for you, Leo, is a pause from your never-ending social calendar. Maybe you come down with a cold, maybe you are self-aware enough to recognize that you need this break. A little solitude serves as a reminder of what it feels like to be alone with your own thoughts. And for those thoughts to be uninfluenced by others.

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The change coming for you, Virgo, is letting go. We know you’re a human, trying to be a bigger person, and for you, the best revenge is always a personal success. But this time you don’t forgive, you don’t forget, but you move on from the experience and leave it in the past. You have nothing to prove to the ones that hurt you.

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You will come alive, Libra, in a way you haven’t before. You go somewhere new, or you are introduced to a new group of people, and suddenly the freshness reawakens an excitement and enthusiasm you didn’t realize you had been missing. Your heart and mind open up to new experiences.

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You will encounter something that belongs to you, Scorpio. Like a hobby or personal style that you recognize or claim as your own from the start. It will feel like a missing piece that you have been waiting for, and your life will be transformed from the inside out by the soulful joy it brings.

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You will reconnect with nature, Sagittarius, after a long period indoors or in urban spaces. The landscape you travel to will be a metaphoric reflection of your state of mind. Vast expanses representing freedom from a plague of anxious thoughts, and beautiful landmarks mirroring the epiphanies inspired in you during this time.

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You’re going to get your hands dirty, Capricorn. Something you’ve been paying money for, consistently, will become your new DIY project. Roasting, grinding, and brewing your own coffee, growing your own herb garden, building your own furniture. Something in you will say, I can do this, and you will.

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You will find something solid to tie your boat to Aquarius. A safe harbor. A home. Whether it is a person, a place, a state of mind that gives you shelter it will be a welcome rest from the struggles you have recently overcome. Don’t be afraid to embrace this feeling. It won’t be as fleeting as you fear.

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Pisces, a celebration is in store for recent events, and you will be the gracious host of the festivities. It’s time to commemorate some event in your life, and even if you haven’t thrown many parties in the past, this one will come naturally to you. You have a vision of how good times with good friends should be

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