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Find out which lie you tell yourself most often based on your zodiac sign.

Being sincere is a not indifferent quality and less and less easy to find in others. Especially when it comes to themselves. Most people, in fact, even before lying to others, lie to themselves. It happens when we tell ourselves we don’t have time when we think we can’t change things because we are afraid to do so and in many other moments of everyday life. Lying, however, if from a certain point of view it can help you not to face the real problem, on the other it ends up complicating things, preventing you from seeing your life clearly and bringing a sense of frustration that is often difficult to bear.

Since the propensity to tell each other stories is linked, at least in part, to the influence that the stars have on each of us, today after having seen which are the most daring zodiac signs and how much the various signs of the zodiac are framed, we will therefore discover which is the lie we tell ourselves most often based on the zodiac sign.
Since this is an aspect that has to do with the way of being in the depths, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a clearer idea of ​​how you lie to yourself every day.

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Astrology: The lie you tell yourself most often

Aries – It’s okay.
You don’t like having problems in life. By nature, you love simple things, which require the right actions and can immediately give you the most positive results possible. Even in the face of the most critical situations, you, therefore, tend to tell yourself that everything is ok. A way of doing that others perceive as positive but that hides your fear of having to face problems for which you are not sure you are ready. This then prompts you to try not to see what is in front of you, making you nervous and worried.

The solution would be to keep motivating yourself but admitting what’s wrong to be able to fix it. Turning your face away is never the right solution. Also, you would find it more satisfying to admit to yourself what is wrong and take the time to work on it.

Taurus – I don’t have time
One of the lies you tend to tell yourself most often is about lack of time. Whether it’s a work commitment or something you don’t feel like doing, your first answer is always a lack of time. A lie that you need to tell yourself so as not to feel guilty every time you avoid doing something that, you know, you could very well carry on. The truth is, instead of making excuses, you should address the part of yourself that makes you feel uncomfortable about not wanting to do what you don’t like. Only in this way will you be able to admit to yourself what you want and follow projects that will excite you and make you happy. All the others, unless they are indispensable, can very well be set aside. After all, what matters is that you live your best on your terms alone.

Gemini – It will pass
When you are faced with an unpleasant situation or that you do not want to face, you keep telling yourself that it will pass. While this is positive because it pushes you to look forward, on the other hand, it can represent an excuse to choose not to face the situation. This is something you do often, partly out of indolence and partly because underneath you always hope that things will sort themselves out. The truth, however, is that this doesn’t always work, and to get what you want most you have to be willing to put yourself out there and use all possible cards to change the things you think are out of place for the better. Sure, this can come with sacrifices and can often be difficult to put into practice but it’s also the best way to get things going, making sure that something good stays in their place.

Cancer – It Doesn’t Matter
One of the lies you tell yourself most often in order not to suffer from the things that happen around you is that you don’t care. This, to be honest, is also the typical answer you give to anyone who asks you how you are about things or who hurts you at times voluntarily and at others without even realizing it. Your lie, however, hurts you more than others. Most of the time it leads you to resign yourself and accept things or situations that instead you could change even simply by talking about them. Dealing with problems is not something you love to do but it is also one you should practice whenever the opportunity arises. Only in this way can you finally feel at peace with yourself and have truly peaceful relationships.

Leo – I’m fine
You need to always show yourself above others and situations that lead you to lie even to yourself. So, it often happens to tell you that you are fine even when, in reality, you just want to cry. It is a defense mechanism that you often also put in place to protect yourself but that is mostly the effect of putting your emotions on standby, then bringing them to resurface when you are not in the least ready to manage them.

The truth is, you should learn to admit, first of all to yourself, when things are not the way you want them to and when it makes you feel bad. Admitting that you are not happy, at times, can be the indispensable key to taking action and finding new ways to rebuild yourself from scratch. A key that by doing so you continually preclude you from using.

Virgo – It suits me
How many times have you happened to say and tell yourself that something was fine with you that was not to your liking? With others, you do it often to avoid discussions, then try to get your opinion out anyway. When it comes to you, however, you tend to leave out the important things, putting aside emotions and putting on useless armor. When something doesn’t suit you it would be much easier to admit it and try to take action to change things. Often you prefer not to try because you fear disappointment if things go wrong. The truth, however, is that even then you would end up feeling better than how you are whenever you avoid telling yourself the truth. Furthermore, even from mistakes, you can seize opportunities, which you cannot do if you limit yourself to standing still,

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Libra – I will ignore it
Often you come across things that you would rather not have known or that you witness situations that you would rather forget. When this happens you tell yourself that you will ignore it, hoping that this will be enough to put things on the back burner. The truth, however, is that by not talking about them you end up giving them a resonance that makes them stronger until you think only and exclusively about what you don’t want. The thing to do in these cases, therefore, is to admit if something is bothering you and act accordingly.

You can try to change things up or even just talk to someone about it to let off steam. In this way, you will not have to internalize everything and this will help you to live things more lightly.

Scorpio – I have forgiven him/her
If there’s one thing you struggle to do, it’s forgiving others. This is because you care a lot about people and that by nature you always tend to think the best of them. If this way of being has a positive, on the other hand, it has the negative aspect of making others disappoint you quite easily. And, unfortunately for you (and for them), it is very difficult for you to make distinctions. So, whether it is wrongdoing, an uncovered lie, or a minor insult, your anger is always the same. And if there is one thing you can’t do, that’s just granting forgiveness. Instead of telling others you did and lying to yourself as well, you should instead tell yourself how things are and try to figure out what you really can’t forgive. This would help you live your life better and improve those relationships that,

Sagittarius – They are always there for others.
One of your prerogatives is to always be there. You like to be present and know that for others you are indispensable and this leads you to promise to be present even when you already know you cannot. This often leads to misunderstandings that you at first do not know how to manage and that, forgetting your shortcomings, you end up living as if they were actions against you. A way of doing things that can seriously compromise your friendships, ruining relationships that are very important to you. To change things, you would simply have to admit that you can’t always be everywhere and make fewer commitments. So you can manage them by truly giving your presence and being able to enjoy, in turn, that of others.

Capricorn – I’m Sure
If there’s one thing you tend to tell yourself often it’s that you’re sure what you say. Sometimes, however, you do it even for situations that you cannot be sure of. A way of doing things that risks confusing the ideas of those around you and that at the same time leads you to disappoint those who find themselves dealing with the reality of things. The best way to fix the situation is to admit when you are unsure of something, just report the facts without taking responsibility for them.

In this way you will live with greater serenity, feeling lighter and relating in a better way even with those around you. A new experience that is worth doing.

Aquarius – It’s Not Possible
When you don’t like something, you tend to repeat yourself over and over again that it’s not possible. Something you do repetitively until you are almost convinced that it is the truth. Acting in this way does not change the reality of things and in many cases, it can even make it worse, especially if there are also other people involved. To live at your best and not face unnecessary disappointments, you should therefore always admit how things are and face those you can face, letting go of lost battles. In this way, you will be able to feel fully satisfied and finally free of that sense of frustration you feel when you know that something is wrong and you try at all costs not to see it.

Pisces – It’s Too Difficult
When you find yourself faced with a situation that you think you can’t handle, you immediately tell yourself that it’s too difficult. In this way, you think you are relieving yourself of the sense of responsibility and discomfort, which instead rarely happens. Lying to you is not something you do well and when you try it the results are never good, leading you to feel somehow out of place. When you are faced with complex situations, therefore, you should simply recognize them as such but without limits.

As life has taught you many times, you are more able than ever to face even the most difficult circumstances. And often it’s by trying it that you can get the greatest results. One more reason not to give up and advance more confidently towards tomorrow.

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