Zodiac Signs

The Kind Of Man She Will Marry, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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The powerful man. The Aries woman is confident, strong, and independent, so she’s not easily impressed, but she tends to reveal her softer and more feminine side when she’s with a man who can take the lead and show her how powerful he is. She wants someone who can handle her and is not intimidated by her and someone who inspires her to be even more ambitious because he embodies these qualities himself.

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The warm man. The Taurus woman may come across as tough and aloof, but she has the softest and kindest heart that only her close friends get to see, she wants someone who showers her with warmth, compassion, and love so she can feel comfortable around him and become more vulnerable. She wants a shoulder to lean on when she’s tired and overwhelmed because she’s used to being the pillar that everyone leans on.

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The funny man. The Gemini woman is full of life and energy, and she loves going out and having a good time. Even though she’s used to being the funny one, the key to her heart will always be a good sense of humor and sarcasm. She will never get bored of a sarcastic man who can make her laugh and understand her sarcasm without being offended or judging her.

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The honest man. The cancer woman is honest and expresses exactly how she feels without beating around the bush or playing any games. Therefore, she needs a man who is straightforward and tells her his intentions from the get-go so she can feel safe with him and trust him. She wants someone she can read and someone who doesn’t take her honesty for granted, not someone who keeps her guessing or confuses her.

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The easygoing man. The Leo woman is stubborn, bossy, and loves having the upper hand in her relationships, so she can’t be with someone who is equally stubborn or wants to have his way. She wants someone flexible and easygoing to keep up with her spontaneous plans and last-minute decisions. She wants someone who can go with the flow because she will make his life fun, exciting, and full of surprises.

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The attentive man. The Virgo woman loves attention and someone who can pay attention to every single detail about her. She wants someone who is obsessed with her and finds her the most beautiful woman in the world. She can’t be with someone who doesn’t give her all his time and energy or someone who is emotionally unavailable. She loves being with an emotionally available man who only has eyes for her.

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The playful man. The Libra woman is shy and reserved, but she has a more playful side that only a few men can bring out. A playful and flirtatious man who doesn’t mind trying a little harder to win her heart will definitely stand out. She wants someone who pushes her to come out of her shell and enjoy life to the fullest because she can’t really do it on her own.

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The confident man. The Scorpio woman intimidates a lot of men with her mystery, her charm and her confidence. Many people may mistake her confidence for arrogance, but this is just how she carries herself. She wants to be with a confident man who is not afraid to approach her, call her out, and who doesn’t feel insecure when the attention is on her. She wants someone who can be with her without constantly trying to dim her light or compete with her. Someone who can support her without feeling like he’s not good enough for her.

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The spontaneous man. The Sagittarius woman is always seeking new adventures and loves trying new places and meeting new people. She needs a fun man who enjoys these things too and can join her anywhere, especially on her last minute trips. She wants someone who can be her fun best friend, even if he’s not romantic. The spontaneous man will always make the Sagittarius woman feel at home.

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The family man. The Capricorn woman loves her family and her home and she wants to have a bunch of kids. She wants someone with the same family values who loves kids and wants to build a family and a happy home. She admires a man who is close to his mother or takes care of his father because this shows that he will be a good husband and a reliable father too.

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The persistent man. The Aquarius woman is afraid of commitment and doesn’t trust very easily. She may try to push someone away just because she doesn’t want to fall for him, so a man who gives up easily will not get anywhere with her. She needs someone who sticks around no matter what. She wants someone who makes her feel accepted and safe because she’s used to men walking away or misunderstanding her. She wants someone who keeps digging to know more about her and reassures her that he’s going to keep trying for her, even when she’s being difficult.

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The romantic man. The Pisces woman is romantic and sentimental, and she needs someone who is on the same page. Her ideal partner is someone who sends long essays professing his love, takes her out to nice restaurants, and posts about her on his social media. She wants the kind of love people envy and the kind of marriage that, even after years of being together, people can see that they are still madly in love with each other.

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