Zodiac Signs

The Kind Of Breakup That Will Destroy You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You pride yourself on being independent and self-reliant. You like having a partner who understands that about you. The kind of breakup that would destroy you would be one that ends abruptly. This leaves you feeling abandoned and vulnerable — two things you hate feeling.

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You deeply value stability and security in your life, especially in your relationships. A breakup makes you feel like you’ve lost control. But a breakup that has a lot of drama and emotional turmoil is even worse — that’s a heavy burden for you.

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Even though you can be quite flighty, jumping around from different people, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are disloyal to your partner. In fact, you deeply value communication and honesty. The worst breakup for you is one where you’ve been betrayed and your partner lies to you about things.

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You crave emotional connections in your relationships. Your worst breakup is with someone who doesn’t take the time to understand your needs and emotions and who judges you for being too sensitive. This makes you feel emotionally disconnected and hurt.

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You’re very confident and secure in yourself, but you still like admiration from others. A breakup that makes you feel like you never mattered, or that makes you feel unappreciated can be especially devastating to you. It’s a blow to your ego and self-worth.

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You’re a perfectionist. When a breakup makes you feel like you’ve failed or have made a mistake, you take it hard. You value order and control, too, so when a breakup feels chaotic or messy, you have a hard time processing it.

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You deeply desire harmony and balance and peace in your relationships. So when things are starting to feel unbalanced, you feel unbalanced. A breakup that feels one-sided or unjust can be quite difficult for you to accept and get over.

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You can be quite possessive in your relationships. At your best, you’re loving and caring. At your worst, you’re cunning and manipulative. When you lose that sense of power, especially when it comes to a breakup, it can be especially challenging for you.

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You’re independent and spontaneous and you want a partner who understands that. When you start to feel as if they’re holding you back or limiting your options, you feel a loss of freedom. That breakup can be especially painful for you.

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You are an achiever. You like feeling successful in every aspect of your life. If a breakup feels like a setback or a failure, it can feel especially burdensome for you. It feels like it’s holding you back from making progress in your life — and that’s tough for you.

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You want a relationship with someone that can bring a deeper connection, someone who respects your values for community and social justice. If the breakup feels so devastating that it makes you isolated or disconnected from others, that can be particularly painful.

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You tend to look at romance and relationships through rose-colored glasses. You believe love is this beautiful, hopeful, dreamy thing, so when you’re going through a breakup, it feels particularly devastating for you. It crushes your spirit.

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